Tuesday, August 05, 2014

What is the quickest ridesharing application process?

UberX, Lyft and SideCar are three major ridesharing services. Whereas UberX and Lyft are available in multiple markets across the United States, SideCar is limited to 8 large cities. These ridesharing services follow a specific application process to screen drivers and their vehicles. What is the quickest application process to be activated and get on the road?

UberX, Lyft and SideCar have different application requirements. The following are what new drivers can expect in the early stages before taking the road:

  • Uber requires new Partners to fill out applications, upload documents, and authorize background checks. It takes approximately a week to get approved as an Uber Partner. After this approval, Partners are invited into a designated location to meet with company personnel.
  • At this time, an IPhone will be issued and a driving will be activated. A car inspection is also required to meet rules and regulations established under the TNC. New Uber Partners can get on the road about 10 days to 2 weeks after starting the application process. Drivers must be proactive to complete this application process. 
  • Initial application date to getting on the road is less than 2 weeks.
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  • Lyft requires their applicants to download the driver's Lyft app. This app will guide prospective drivers to upload documents (auto insurance, driver's license, registration), take a selfie, snap a picture of an approved vehicle, and submit a request to authorize a background check. A driving manager calls a day later to discuss the approval process as well as the intent to drive for Lyft. If there is an orientation during this week, new prospective drivers may get invited to attend.
  • At this orientation, drivers meet other drivers, Lyft employees, and hold a discussion about ridesharing for Lyft. Drivers fist-bump, share their background, eat snacks and drink refreshments, and take pictures to be added on the driving platform. A Lyft employee will inspect your vehicle and take a picture. Requirements have likely changed since last year due to the pressure applied by the taxi industry. Lyft's background check takes another week or two to complete.
  • Driver can expect their Pink Mustache, phone cords, car charger port, and phone window mount to arrive a few weeks after the orientation. A driving manager will call and follow-up with activated drivers. 
  • From the initial application date to getting on the road is about 2-3 weeks.
  • SideCar is the quickest application process. New drivers can use the SideCar link on this website to sign up to become a driver. They complete the required steps, such as uploading documents, taking a selfie, and submitting the application. A SideCar employee calls a prospective driver to discuss their interest in driving. They activate this driving account.
  • New drivers must complete a vehicle inspection form and submit approval for driving record and background check. A SideCar employee will call back again and activate the account. If SideCar standards haven't changed, a new driver can get on the road the next day. Initial application process to getting on the road is 1-2 days.
  • SideCar is the quickest ridesharing application process. Their rideshare app is also one of the best because riders input pick-up addresses and destinations. No directions are ever exchanged between drivers and riders. Moreover, SideCar's interface includes a phone icon, a navigation arrow that links a driver to a GPS app (Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Waze), and features a button to accept rides that arrive with addresses, trip cost and name of rider. In essence, new 
  • SideCar drivers can expect to get on the road in 1-2 days after starting the application process. Maybe SideCar can be referred to as FastCar.
Length of time to get activated and get on the road

SideCar - 1-2 days
UberX - 2 weeks
Lyft - 2-3 weeks

***Input checking account information to start direct deposit. Lyft pays out every Wednesday or Thursday morning. Uber pays out every Thursday morning. SideCar is different with their payment process. Rides pend for 5 days. On the 5th day, usually early AM, this ride payment is available. Drivers can submit a payout, which if done that morning, a driver can expect the payment the next day. The main advantage of this process is when rides are given on Monday and Tuesday.

Drivers can get paid out 7 days later, which is a few days ahead of the weekly schedule at Lyft and Uber. A disadvantage is giving rides on Sunday night because payment for these trips won't be available until the next Monday. No direct deposits reach banks on weekends. If you drive for any of these ridesharing services, it is best to dedicate the weekend to Lyft and/or UberX. Those payments are paid out no later than Thursday morning. SideCar is great to use during the week, where payments are available in 5 days and ready for deposit into bank accounts the next morning.