Thursday, August 21, 2014

Use two cars on UberX

UberX is quickly becoming a major competitor in the ridesharing service space. This ride service offering is making large strides to establish itself as the premiere choice. As we can see, the most recognizable competition is Lyft, a ridesharing company based out of San Francisco and one that has expanded into major markets across the United States. Uber is an intelligent company that maximized their brand influence with unveiling multiple service offerings such as Uber Black, SUV, XL, Taxi and UberX.

Current Uber clients can switch between transportation services to get instant, customizable rides. In regards to drivers, we believe Uber allows multiple cars on one driver's account. Furthermore, qualified family members can be added onto a main driver's account to work as a team. This type of flexibility on Uber's UberX ridesharing platform can build a revenue stream capable of generating consistent income.

It is recommended to use at least two cars on UberX because driver accounts with only one vehicle may encounter unexpected repairs that ground them. Nevertheless, UberX drivers can lose thousands of dollars in result of mistakes outside of their control. Two vehicles give Partners a sense of security that at least a single vehicle will be available to drive at any given time. Request information on how to add a second vehicle as a backup plan. Drivers never know if their vehicle will breakdown and/or be phased out.

For example, a highly experienced UberX driver took their vehicle into a auto repair shop to fix a door lock. They checked this vehicle into this auto shop in the early morning, as agreed upon the shop manager. For the most part, the driver trusted that these repairs would be completed before closing and even asked the manager whether this could be done.

The shop manager confirmed that he would make sure these repairs would be done. This UberX driver coordinated the repair date, confirming days in advance that this shop ordered the right parts. The last time this driver took his vehicle into this shop to fix another door, the dealership's warehouse ordered the wrong part and the car remained there for 6 days.

Unfortunately, this mistake grounded the UberX driver for a week without any earnings. He missed the busiest weekend of the year, where Uber offered their ridesharing drivers guaranteed hourly earnings. Furthermore, the cost of this door repair tripled in price and limited his driving. It is important to share that drivers get paid every Thursday morning.

As a result of this, spending on car repairs can decrease a driver's gas budget to restrict their future income. If drivers somehow risk taking their vehicles into an auto shop on Friday, they fall into quicksand when any unforeseen mishaps arise and keep their vehicle stored in an auto shop over the weekend. It is unfortunate for this to happen, but we must expect the inevitable. UberX drivers must be prepared for any dark storms, as simple planning is not enough to remain active on the road.

What we're suggesting is to add at least two vehicles onto one driver's account. If one vehicle is only approved, then drivers take a risk to lose out big if repairs are required and/or a shop makes a mistake to retain a vehicle longer than expected. These mistakes happen often enough to set drivers back. When drivers are unable to get on the road, there may be a small probability they may use an unauthorized vehicle. It is not worth driving an unapproved vehicle to perform ridesharing services. Don't do it!

According to Uber, sharing phones on driver's accounts and using unauthorized vehicles are grounds for deactivation and legality issues. Never drive in an unapproved vehicle no matter what. Don't take this risk. Sharing phones is prohibited. Drivers face deactivation and perhaps there are potential legal consequences involved with this action. Don't quote us on this, but do request information on what steps are required to add a second vehicle.

As shared above, the UberX driver has been grounded many times for many unexpected repairs. Costs associated with ridesharing services are expensive and unpredictable, so adding two cars on accounts may reduce maintenance issues that temporarily displace drivers.

Happy Ridesharing!