Tuesday, August 05, 2014

UberX car inspections

Uber is now requiring new and existing Partners to get car inspections. These car inspections ensure Partner vehicles are in safe working order. Partners are expected to get these car inspections to remain active on Uber's platform.

A vehicle inspection shop checks whether door handles, locks, and windows work properly. Brakes are checked a few different ways to test the pad measurements. The windshield, side window and back windows are inspected for small and large cracks.

Additionally, windshield wipers, headlights, tail lights, stop lights, and turn indicator lights are inspected. Tires are checked to measure tread depth. Lastly, safety belts, side mirrors and rear view mirror, horn and steering column are inspected.

This TNC car inspection promotes safety standards. The purpose of this car inspection is to keep passengers safe and to limit safety problems that may arise while transporting clients. It is primarily a safety inspection to protect the public, passengers and drivers.

This car inspection on UberX vehicles may likely minimize the current workforce since a minor door locking issue, tire tread/depth and even less-than-perfect brakes can cause vehicles to fail. Even a minor crack in the windshield may cause a vehicle to fail. It can get very expensive, like Smog checks, to pass such vehicles. UberX drivers depend on ridesharing income.

The wear and tear associated with ridesharing services may not be worth the time and effort. Too much money is spent on gas, tolls, repairs and routine maintenance. This vehicle inspection may put many drivers in a terribly bad position. It may ground them from making income on the UberX platform. Recent policies are doing a great job with impacting ridesharing services. It is only a matter of time before other requirement minimize ridesharing drivers. The city of San Francisco has issued bus zone and other types of parking tickets to drivers picking up passengers who are waiting at bus zones.

If you drive for UberX, check text messages and/or emails to print out this inspection form. Search for local inspection shops in your area. We're not sure when the deadline is for this car inspection. All we know is that these requirements and future changes are sure to impact the UberX workforce. Be prepared to fall back on another job to avoid sinking into a financial pit.