Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Service dogs and the Americans with Disabilities Law

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Uber Partners are expected to follow the laws which govern Americans with Disabilities. This means that Partners must allow service dogs to enter their vehicles without no questions asked.

According to a past email, any Partners who deny service animals and this is reported to Uber will be automatically released - deactivated from Uber. As Uber Partners, they must abide by disability laws. Because service animals guide their owners, they are mandatory for safety and wellbeing reasons.

In this past email, Uber mentioned riders with service animals are responsible for any exterior and/or interior mess left behind. A cleanup fee will apply to any mess. Lastly, Uber shared that Partners who drive riders with their service animals and a mess is left behind should take pictures to verify this.

Uber Partners must never reject a service animal. It is the law to allow service animals to ride with their owners. When push comes to shove, owners and service dogs will win the battle against drivers. Show courtesy. Show respect. Show great service.

If any mess is left behind, the client is responsible to cover cleaning cost and/or a flat rate fee. This policy is covered in the disclosure statements upon signing up to ride with Uber.

Protect and serve Americans with Disabilities and service dogs.