Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Uber doesn't need to use burner phones and credit cards to get Lyft drivers

TechCrunch reported that Uber hired independent contractors with burner phones and credit cards to recruit Lyft drivers through taking rides and convincing drivers to jump ship. Why take this approach to recruit Lyft drivers? Lyft already treats many of their lower-rated drivers bad enough, so this information is valuable to recruit Lyft drivers. As you can read on this ridesharing website, the truth about Lyft is imprinted and spells out transparency and honest facts about Lyft.

In our experience, Lyft is a good ridesharing company in the beginning. Their support team is professional, helpful, and easygoing. Once drunk riders begin to affect driver ratings, a Performance Review Flag arrives and set roadblocks that are impossible to detour around. Lyft shows their true colors by deactivating good drivers without giving them an honest explanation except unreliable claims that drivers are performing well below Lyft's minimum standards. 

For the most part, many former Lyft drivers have shared their horror stories driving for Lyft. Some really bad experiences took place on this ridesharing platform, with one female driver sharing the details of things we won't discuss on this website. Lyft has done nothing to address these issues. The truth of their poor practices are hidden, swept under the Pink mustache to continue their ridesharing dominance. 

These are the facts that can work in Uber's favor. UberX is a far better ridesharing platform. Whereas the Uber support is not as fast as Lyft, we believe they make up for this by listening to their driver concerns and actually resolve issues. There are more than a handful of support members who actually care about their drivers. They go the distance to make their drivers happy. 

Lyft ignores their drivers once star ratings fall below 4.80. They base ratings under 4.80 as bottom-line, bottom of the barrel performance. Drivers with sub-4.80 ratings are viewed as the bottom 5 percent, the minority at Lyft. Lyft employees deceive their drivers. They tell drivers not to worry about their ratings, but then these drivers get deactivated. It happens to Lyft drivers who buy new cars, rent apartments and those who are attending college. 

Lyft is unethical to deactivate good drivers. The three chances they claim to give drivers are: 
  • Community Review flag after first 24 rides fall under minimum requirements. This can happen in the first weekend, which counts as 1 strike against a future deactivation. 
  • Second Community Review flag arrives if ratings improve but are below 4.80. This counts as the second strike and is one last step before deactivation. 
  • Third and last Community Review flag is no warning, it is basically an automatic deactivation where the driver app is closed down and no longer can be launched to give rides. An email will arrive in the evening to thank you for your service. This cold reception is the most unprofessional we've heard of any company and is actually a good recruiting tool to get Lyft drivers. 
The truth is that Lyft doesn't care about you as a driver. They mainly care that you keep their name out there. If you get good ratings, they will bend over backwards for you. However, once your low star ratings, negative feedback and flags arrive, drivers are on the verge of deactivation. 

Lyft ignores any pleas to get reconsidered on their platform. They even terminate drivers a few weeks before Christmas and tell them that they are no longer permitted to drive. They don't care if your life falls apart, because this company is in business to ride you into the ground and then recruit new drivers. Nonetheless, Lyft invites these deactivated drivers to use their ridesharing app as riders. 

Lyft deactivates experienced drivers to recruit inexperienced drivers. Does this make any sense? Lets get rid of those who gave great service and put rookie drivers on the road who will make mistakes. That's Lyft for you. They lack leadership. Their Performance Review Team is a bunch of clueless duds with no knowledge of how to monitor driving accounts. They make good drivers feel like losers. Good job Nancy for keeping this culture intact in the Performance Review Department. 

Follow this ethical paradigm to recruit Lyft drivers. Lyft is nothing but a Pink Mustache with no substance. Any company that depends on a Pink Mustache to promote their company rather than provide quality service is lacking business know-how to compete in a trendy movement. 

Good luck UberX, on becoming the go-to ridesharing platform. Lyft is a 1-star ridesharing company trying to pose as 5-stars.