Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Treasure Island fares

San Francisco ridesharing drivers who commute into the city from outside areas depend on this lucrative ridesharing service market to make income. If drivers keep their apps on before and after the Bay Bridge going 80 Westbound, just keep in mind to stay in the far left lane.

The Treasure Island off-ramp is located on the left side. Any ride requests coming from this location need to be accepted about 300 feet from this ramp. After passing this ramp, clients are unlikely to wait another 20 minutes for drivers to return back to Treasure Island.

There is only one ramp on either end to reach Treasure Island, whether going in the west and/or east direction. Any driver exiting San Francisco and keeps the app on should drive on the far left side in case a Treasure Island request arrives.

In short, drive in the far left lanes when entering and exiting San Francisco. If you want to avoid fares from Emeryville, Oakland and Berkeley while traveling into San Francisco, shut off the app until you reach the end of the Bay Bridge. Treasure Island requests usually involve picking up a client to take them into San Francisco or to go into the East Bay.

Happy Ridesharing!