Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Taxis are getting their wish with ride app driver inspections

Thankfully, taxi drivers can sleep well. Current vehicle inspections at Uber will remove quite a few drivers from the road. All Uber Partners who don't complete inspections tomorrow and/or fail inspections will be put on a waitlist. Unfortunately, the best drivers will get deactivated until they complete this inspection.

The taxi industry kept pushing and now the state is going in their favor. Current vehicle inspections, even those involving clients breaking items inside vehicles, may reduce the number of drivers on the road. We know of one great driver who is unable to have this inspection performed right now.

Their vehicle is immaculate, but this inspection may fail them on a minor door locking issue another client broke. This driver paid a fortune to repair this door. However, an electrical issue to open and close the passenger door lock may fail them. Their goal is to have this locking mechanism replaced again, as this part is under warranty.

This driver lost a few weeks of work and spent equivalent to a week and a half of pay to cover these repairs. No compensation was given to make this expensive repair. Drivers, this is the risk you take driving clients. Now, you are being punished with this vehicle inspection.

Taxi drivers can see an influx of business between August 15-31. This is the time frame that drivers will get deactivated and put on a waiting list until proper documents are submitted. August 31 is officially the first day drivers will be wait-listed until inspection documents are uploaded.

Taxi drivers are fist-bumping one another for pushing the state for stronger regulations. We see many beat up taxis driving around, some even falling apart - squealing brakes and worn out tires. Based on observing these issues, we sense there is no effective regulatory body preventing these taxis from hitting the roads. In our honest opinion, UberX features the best vehicle line at an affordable cost.

Good job taxis! You won your battle for now. However, the fight continues on and drivers will return back hungry as ever to provide the best possible service. Many drivers will be put on a waiting list, whereas taxis can now make money. Ride app clients may have to wait longer for rides.

Does this seem unfair? Of course, it doesn't. It is a travesty for many drivers to undergo a vehicle inspection of this caliber. These are not commercial vehicles. Most of these vehicles are safe rides.

Catch 22 and tough luck we guess.