Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Start Rides to Keep Drivers Happy

It's no secret that clients keep drivers waiting longer. Drivers may wait up to 30 minutes for these clients to show up. Meanwhile, the drivers is doing their best to remain professional. Nevertheless, this extra waiting time can influence a driver's earnings and patience. If the tables are turned and drivers make clients wait, then low star ratings and negative feedback are submitted against them. Where is the fairness in this system?

Clients request rides. Drivers arrive in the quickest time possible. Then, these clients don't show up. They are no-shows, at the wrong location (ride app partly blamed for this), take too long to get ready, are not ready yet, change locations, ordering food (tacos, pizza, and sandwiches), and requesting additional time to take this ride. Even so, clients depend on the ride app ETA and give drivers a tough time when this time exceeds the projected arrival. 

Clients are empowered to rush drivers and disrespect them. It makes no sense for clients to demand their drivers to speed, run red lights, make 1-second stops at Stop Signs, and all the other absurd requests. What we see here is that clients are taking ride apps to the extreme. They know their business matters and this gives them a sense of entitlement to ride drivers into the ground. 

Ridesharing drivers are not horses you ride, they're humans that provide a ridesharing service. Clients fail to understand the financials behind waiting and cancellations. Why cancel a driver after 30 minutes and tell them there's plenty of business out there so don't worry. Why make drivers wait long periods? 

How do we fix this waiting problem? It's easy. Clients should give their drivers permission to start rides if they require additional time to get ready. Some clients have already taken this action to heart. They tell their drivers to start rides and this shows respect for their time. Making a driver wait up to 30 minutes is disrespectful. Make a driver wait 30 minutes and compensating them for this time is fair. 

Imagine if your driver made you wait an extra 30 minutes to pick you up. You wouldn't have nice things to say about this driver. We're sure you would want a discount on this ride. Maybe you would want this driver's head on a platter. 

Need additional time? Request drivers to start the ride the moment they reach the pickup address. Make sure the GPS is accurate so the driver doesn't have to go on a scavenger hunt to find you and increase the cost of this trip. The GPS has been known to plot pick-up addresses, so provide these drivers with the right address when including permission to start this ride early. It is easy to coordinate these instructions and keep everyone happy.  

Did you know that drivers receive $.30 per minute on non-surged rides? They do. When surges apply, this $.30 is multiplied by the surge percentage. For example, 2X is $.60 per minute and 3X is $.90 per minute. Drivers make $1.50 per minute on base fares, which also multiple during surges.  

Give drivers permission to start ride early. If you make a driver wait 30 minutes, this driver will make $9 for their time. It is not much to pay a driver $9 to wait for 30 minutes, especially considering that drivers can earn up to $45+ an hour. 

Ridesharing drivers deserve to make this money because they deal with all types of personalities. In performing ridesharing services, the drivers assume potential risks involving accidents, safety issues, robbery, cleanliness problems (vomiting), gas cost, insurance premiums, car washes, car maintenance, repairs, and everything else that comes along with ridesharing. 

Make a driver's life much easier. Want to make your drivers wait for you? Request your drivers to start rides and wait while getting paid for you to arrive. This "start a ride early" action can reduce driver cancellations since they are now on the hook to drive clients and won't leave. 

Happy Ridesharing!