Thursday, August 28, 2014

SideCar launched new promotion today!

SideCar is a ridesharing company that resembles UberX and Lyft. It is a popular ridesharing service available in 8 cities across the United States. Today, SideCar launched a special promotion for SideCar drivers to make 95% of their fares if they drop the price multiplier down to .9x and lower rides to a minimum of $5.

If SideCar drivers follow these exact specifications, they will receive nonstop rides since riders are usually searching for the closest vehicles (ETA) and most affordable rides. This driver promotion is going on right now and has no set expiration date. Essentially, this promotion only applies to SideCar drivers servicing San Francisco, Los Angeles, Long Beach, San Diego, Chicago, Charlotte, Boston areas.

SideCar drivers setting these ride multiples will receive 95% of fares on these trips. For the most part, SideCar is creating an opportunity to increase ride requests and will assume this cost by taking 5% and giving drivers 15% of the commission on the standard 20% scale. Because drivers can set higher multipliers on rides up to 5x, this may reduce and/or prevent ride requests from reaching them.

The strategy is for drivers to accept less on rides than they normally do. SideCar will take less commission to stimulate business for their drivers willing to use such settings. It is a win-win for both SideCar and their drivers. It is basically like running a promotion in a restaurant and/or to increase sales volume. This pricing formula is sure to make riders happy and put more money in the drivers' pockets.

***Set back-to-back ride requests and you'll be giving rides all day long. If you are ready to stop driving, then make sure to disable back-to-back rides to stop this feature.

Want to become a SideCar driver and make $100 bonus after 10 rides? Interested in taking your first ride with SideCar and get free $15 ride credit?

Use the following links and/or promo codes to get on the road with SideCar. Input code qjbxk to activate the $100 driver bonus after 10 rides are completed.

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Happy Ridesharing!