Friday, August 08, 2014

SideCar first time rider receive $15 off on ride

Do you live in Washington D.C, San Francisco and Bay Area cities, Los Angeles & Long Beach, San Diego, Seattle, Charlotte, N.C. Boston, and Chicago? SideCar is available in these cities and areas. If you haven't used SideCar yet, this ridesharing service is like UberX and Lyft. SideCar can give you a similar service that resembles the UberX and Lyft ridesharing platforms.

Have fun taking a ride with a SideCar driver. These ridesharing drivers use a personal bumper sticker that make them unique, such as knowing the area, being a tour guide, decoding dreams, analyzing movies, and a bunch of other cool personal traits. Sidecar is quickly becoming the top ridesharing app in major cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago.

SideCar has been testing out their "Shared Rides" service, where a driver can pick up multiple riders who are going in the same direction and agree to have others join the trip. It is essentially a carpool that decreases the cost of your ride and introduces SideCar passengers to new people. Think of this like social networking on wheels in real-time.

Follow the directions below to sign up with SideCar and enjoy $15 off on your first ride. Share your SideCar ride experience on our Twitter handle -

Enjoy your first ride on SideCar. Use this ridesharing service whenever you choose. Before you take your ride, both the driver and you know how much a particular trip costs and the destination. Have a memorable riding experience with SideCar!

SideCar $15 off promo code - download app at and then copy and paste this code qjbxk to receive $15 off on first ride with #SideCar. 

Share this Sidecar promo code with all your friends, family, co-workers and other people you know who never used SideCar and live in and/or visiting the cities listed above. They will also receive a $15 ride credit.

***Sidecar revised first time rider credit to $5. All new first time riders will receive $5 ride credit instead of the previous $15. This Sidecar promo code revision is effective as of April 9, 2015***

***No Sidecar promotion is available for new riders. 

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***Update: Sidecar is no longer offering any free ride credits right now. This may change soon. Effective August 4, 2015. They ended this program in June 2015. 

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