Monday, August 04, 2014

SideCar Drivers are less stressed

SideCar drivers are more relaxed than their competitors. Their passengers are respectful. These passengers won't steal phone charger plugs. They won't leave their trash behind. Riders are fair raters. Most of all, SideCar drivers enjoy using the ridesharing app to accept rides and to make drop-offs.

Ridesharing services can be stressful for drivers who are warned that low ratings will get them deactivated. Many ridesharing drivers have been removed from these ride platforms due to low ratings. Lyft sets their past 100 trip ratings too high. As a result of this, Lyft drivers are terminated to make room for new rookie drivers. SideCar's rating system is far more favorable than other ridesharing services.

SideCar Drivers don't focus on their daily, weekly, monthly and overall star rating score. SideCar measures performance based on excellent, average and poor rides. This system relaxes their drivers.

SideCar has one of the best apps. Their simple ridesharing app integrates a phone and navigation button. Moreover, drivers can use Apple, Google and/or Waze to navigate their trips.

This app also decreases the risk of drivers getting citations, as passengers already submit their pick-up and drop-off points into this system.

On other platforms, drivers must request the destination. If these riders enter the vehicle at bus zones and near high risk locations such as on Market Street in San Francisco, drivers have a greater chance to receive a ticket. There are passengers who are indecisive with their destination. Thus, this rider may request their driver to wait for them to locate this address. In the meantime, a parking control officer arrives on the scene to issue a citation. It happens enough to drivers that it can increase their stress level.

With SideCar, a driver makes a quick pick-up and starts the ride. There is no address request. All addresses are inputted prior to accepting this ride. Drivers know exactly how much this ride pays. During peak times, SideCar can keep their drivers busy with many ride requests. Drivers will need to give a higher number of rides to match UberX and Lyft. With UberX and Lyft, there are higher paying rides that will leave the city. Ridesharing drivers find this SideCar app efficient and reliable.

Whereas SideCar is always dependable with producing immediate rides and can be slow at off-peak times, this ridesharing company reduces stress so drivers can focus on providing safe, quick and convenient rides without experiencing conflict.

The most flawed issues with ridesharing services are making pick-ups and requesting destinations. It takes additional time to spell-out certain street names. Nevertheless, landmarks are better to input than exact addresses and street corners. Some riders may use street corners so drivers don't have access to their home address. With this SideCar app, drivers won't have to worry about mistakes unless the rider submitted the wrong address.

SideCar requires their drivers to call new riders taking a first ride. The app notifies the driver to call this rider to welcome them to the platform. This way, the driver knows this rider is new and can welcome them to SideCar and ensure they receive awesome service.

SideCar follow-up with drivers and passengers for low ratings. Unlike Lyft, where passengers are reckless raters, SideCar compares feedback to be fair. Both drivers and passengers have the right to explain this rating. This rating policy keeps a driver in the loop so they don't feel neglected like many Lyft drivers, day-in day-out. We haven't heard any SideCar drivers terminated for low ratings. We're sure there are terminations, but drivers are not complaining about SideCar for unfair deactivations.

SideCar is by far the least stressful of the major ride app companies. Drivers never input any addresses. They only use one phone to make calls, receive text messages and to accept and end rides. In any case the mains drawback of SideCar are that rides are unavailable during slow times, riders shop for rides in the marketplace based on price and ETA through the marketplace, and weekday hours between 1030am-430am can be dead times. Needless to say, the ease of use offsets these drawbacks and this enables SideCar drivers to give many rides and do so without added stress.

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