Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Rude taxi driver in the East Bay

Taxi Madness
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We all know that taxi drivers are some of the worst people in the transportation industry. They wear their poor attitudes on their sleeves and act as if people owe them. Taxi drivers uncontrollably honk at ridesharing drivers, knowing that it's unsafe to make a left turn in traffic. They are impatient to wait for cars to make a U-turns. To top this off, these taxis are occupied with passengers who are watching this mess unfold.

An UberX driver reported that he was making a U-Turn behind another vehicle. This vehicle required extra room to make the turn, so he waited and remained patient. However, a taxi driver continued to honk at him without letting go of the horn. This UberX driver refused to engage in conflict. He knows that taxi drivers are rude, disrespectful and unprofessional. All in all, they don't respect the roads.

Ridesharing apps improved transportation. People can enjoy a safe ride, get picked up faster, and don't have to deal with poor attitudes. Taxi drivers disrespect their paying passengers. We've heard of taxi drivers profiling passengers, picking and choosing who to drive and who to pass up. It's sad taxi drivers act this way. Many taxi drivers need an attitude adjustment and require customer service courses.

Ridesharing drivers must accept requests and are connected to these clients. Unless danger is involved, they are accountable for picking-up clients and safely transporting them to their desired destination.

Why honk at vehicles that are waiting to make a turn? Are taxi drivers willing to put another driver in harm's way so they can deliver their fare to a destination and make more money. Driving in busy city streets is not the Grand Prix, we're talking safety and courtesy here.

Taxi drivers are fighting to discourage ridesharing, but their customer service is the worst in the transportation industry. If taxi drivers continue on this path, passengers will refuse to use them. Many passengers have shared their taxi horror stories and vowed to discontinue hailing, calling and scheduling pickups for airport services.

It's gotten to the point where taxi drivers act entitled rather than be humble and thankful for passengers choosing to utilize their cab services. Not all taxi drivers are bad, but a minority need to change their ways.

If you're a taxi driver reading this, understand that people make U-Turns. There are times that drivers require extra room to turn. You honking like a maniac won't make things easier for them. It's embarrassing for grown adults operating a taxi to act like spoiled kids. Show some courtesy. Show some respect. Share the roads.

Happy Ridesharing!