Sunday, August 24, 2014

Our prayers to Napa residents in the aftermath of a 6.0 magnitude earthquake

The day after!
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After a 6.0 earthquake struck American Canyon, a Bay Area city in California, on Sunday morning at approximately 3:20am, neighboring Napa endured the most destruction of any surrounding city. This 6.0 earthquake damaged Napa buildings, stores, some homes, roads and many other establishments. Sadly, over 100+ people got injured and three victims are in critical condition.

Napa, an area known for its world premiere Wine Country, got jolted with its largest earthquake since the 6.9 magnitude 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake shook the Bay Area and most notably the city of San Francisco during a televised World Series game between Bay rivals, Oakland Athletics and San Francisco Giants. Game 3 of the 1989 World Series will forever be known as the earthquake game.

In the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake, San Francisco city streets rolled like waves. 60+ people died, where most of the deaths occurred when the Oakland Nimitz freeway collapsed on cars. Thousands of people were injured in the wake of this earth-shaking disaster. It only took 15 seconds to change the lives of many Bay Area residents.

In this recent Napa Valley earthquake, the epicenter was several miles from American Canyon and struck closer to Napa with more intense power and force to cause widespread damage. The city of Napa is in a state of emergency amid the 6.0 American Canyon earthquake this morning.

We know several ridesharing drivers who enjoyed their time giving clients a ride in Napa. Their main source of ridesharing business depends on evening and daytime pickups at Downtown Napa, an exclusive location populated with new restaurants, bars and shops.

Nevertheless, wine tasting and wine tours, as well as weddings, are held year-round and these attractions drive the local transportation business in Napa Valley. UberBlack and Uber ridesharing division UberX are thriving in Napa Valley. Lyft is also providing ridesharing service in Napa. At this very moment, Downtown Napa is now undergoing cleanup and is likely closed for business. As a result of this earthquake, ride app and ridesharing demand will probably come to a halt for the time being.

We can't imagine the destruction this earthquake caused Napa. A 6.0 magnitude earthquake may not seem powerful, but if such an earthquake is centered in and around a town with historic buildings, there is a high probability that this event can trigger widespread damage.

As many may know, the effects of hard shaking brought on by an earthquake can cause gas lines and water mains to burst. Furthermore, an earthquake can displace buildings, weaken foundations and force falling rubble to damage cars and property, crack roads, ignite fires, and injure and possibly kill people.

Napa is currently in cleanup mode and is not ready to reopen restaurants, stores, schools, and bars. Our hearts and prayers go out to the city of Napa. We hope victims heal and that Napa can return back to welcoming tourists to their beautiful city.

***Uber drivers are available to give rides in Napa. Nonetheless, there are still road closures after a 6.0 magnitude earthquake pounded down on Napa. Check local news to view list of road closures. Drive and ride safe.