Thursday, August 14, 2014

Oakland/Berkeley Clients are Intellectually Stimulating

Ridesharing clients in Oakland and Berkeley are some of the most intellectually stimulating people. These clients are unlike San Franciscans; they actually want to hold a conversation beyond ridesharing services. It is a breath of fresh air for drivers to transport unique clients throughout the East Bay.

In Oakland and Berkeley, drivers can expect to drive many diverse clients. Talented, artistic, knowledgeable, spiritual, fun, positive and openness are some good words to describe East Bay clients.

If drivers make a minor mistake, clients are more lenient and less willing to be rude. They won't submit "1" and "2" star ratings to hurt these driver. Clients are polite, nice, and respectful. There is a consensus that people may make mistakes, so being honest can soothe rough corners. 

Most intriguingly, these East Bay clients are genuine people. They are kind-hearted and nice. These types of clients make ridesharing services exhilarating and dynamic. Drivers don't have a bullseye on their backs to perform perfect or risk bad ratings. Clients won't lecture you. It is rewarding to drive East Bay clients. 

Intellectually stimulating environment are those that don't inhibit the mind. People don't tense up. We've heard San Francisco clients complaining about previous drivers who lack city knowledge. Some of these drivers make rookie mistakes; they don't know the roads and best routes. Without a doubt, driving in San Francisco requires confidence, experience, patience, and awareness. It is easy to fall victim to conflict. Focusing on safety, time, and client needs are what make ridesharing unique. 

A number of San Francisco clients are socially inept and socially awkward. Nevertheless, the Marina District falls under this paradigm. Clients request rides 10 minutes before an interview and expect Nascar service. They cancel ride requests that are greater than 2 minutes away. Talking to these clients is like pulling teeth out. A second after dropping off these clients, drivers thank God the light finally shined down and rid them of these unbearable, negative people.  

It can be that bad driving some San Francisco clients. They are a cohort of whiny, complaining and entitled riders. Missing a turn due to traffic, construction and road closures, driving at the speed limit being too slow, waiting for pedestrians, and not parking in front of a bus zone to pick them up will blow their fuses. Several of these clients are already running late. Instead of appreciating the driver, they shift pressure to them to reach a destination without delay. Make no mistake or you'll be thrown in hot water and boiled to a crisp. It becomes a trade-off; do you drive safe and get a bad rating or risk it all and receive a "5" star. 

This perception of San Francisco clients doesn't consist of this Bay Area city as a whole. We know there are many great clients in San Francisco; these riders do care about drivers and want to enjoy their ridesharing experience. Nonetheless, the small percentage of bad clients ruin it for others (obnoxious drunks, unpunctual employees and overzealous know-it-all riders). 

But for the most part, drivers who are interested to drive in a relaxing, socially inclined and intellectually stimulating environment can take the road in Oakland and Berkeley. Make ridesharing an artsy movement with awesome writers, effective communicators, great leaders, and talented tech masters. 

Happy Ridesharing!