Friday, August 29, 2014

Not all Ridesharing Drivers have taken rides using ride apps

Ridesharing drivers give thousands of rides per day across the United States. However, countless ridesharing drivers have never taken a ride using the same services they provide on-demand. This is a fact that some drivers use ridesharing services and some don't partake in sharing rides. The same can be said about servers never dining in the same restaurants they serve guests in, as well. Drivers spend so much time giving rides that they never launched a ride app to request rides.

Why don't ridesharing drivers take rides to test the service out before hitting the road? In the beginning, ridesharing was unfamiliar to newbie drivers and their main interest focused on driving clients around to earn income. If these drivers already own a vehicle, they may not see the need to request rides.

Ridesharing drivers should use these ride services. They are reliable, convenient and quick. Summoning a ride can get a driver out of a jam, especially after a breakdown occurs and the cost to use a taxi is far too expensive. Drivers can take their date out to a fancy dinner using an UberX. It's highly likely they may find themselves riding inside a nice luxury vehicle for the price of a basic service.

There are quite a few ridesharing drivers who have given thousands of rides and never stepped foot in another ridesharing vehicle. At Lyft, staff members are encouraged to use their services to travel around town. It promotes the service they manage, and this creates a positive community. Lyft staff and drivers can contribute to this growing on-demand ridesharing service craze sweeping the world.

Ridesharing drivers should definitely take a ride. Use the promo codes below and save $15 and/or $20 on your first trip. Experience ridesharing from a rider's perspective, and see how this ride movement is changing the dynamics of transportation.

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