Friday, August 01, 2014

New Uber app updates available

Uber updated their app with a few new features. These revisions are integrated to help improve the driving experience for Uber Partners. Uber has been listening to feedback concerning their app. In our opinion, the best update since making major change was the in-app navigation. This change speeds up pickup times, improve safety, and reduce cancellations based on choosing the wrong freeway when a ride request arrives before an intersection. New Uber app updates are improving this ride platform.

Feature #1: Drivers don't have to press "Arriving Now" before reaching the pickup address. There is an "Arrived" button that drivers push once they arrive at a pickup location. This button notifies the client that their driver arrived at this pickup address. This is a decent update, It really doesn't change the driving experience too much. Clients are usually ready to go.

Feature #2: After starting a ride, drivers can input a destination in the app. The driver will then receive turn-by-turn navigation in their Uber iPhone. Although this is a great feature, the driver doesn't have the flexibility in choosing the route like Google Maps and/or Waze. They must depend on the turn-by-turn in-app navigation to guide them to this destination. It is better to allow drivers to download Google and/or Waze to use on the Uber phone. Google Maps is the best for choosing routes, see better visuals of geography and can connect with bluetooth headset to hear voice navigation.

Feature #3: Instead of pressing a button to begin a ride, now there is a slide button. This slide button is almost like what Lyft uses on their ridesharing platform. It is a feature we don't particularly think is necessary. Pressing a button is better than sliding it. This slide button can influence drivers to forget and start a ride. It happens on Lyft often, where drivers are focused on requesting a destination that they forget to start a ride. But with Uber, drivers can submit a fare review to notify support of a ride that never started or one that began late. Just remember the pickup address and the destination to adjust a trip. Uber support will revise this trip to reflect the right  cost. It is possible in this fare review that waiting time may not get calculated right and this may reduce the cost of this fare.

The new updates are working toward the use of one phone. Right now, drivers must use two phones for navigation purposes and to receive calls and text messages. With Lyft and SideCar, only one phone is required to partake in ridesharing. Even before these updates, UberX wasn't too challenging to use. However, the in-app navigation was the best update ever. This feature improved overall pickup times, increased safety (no need to pull over on side of road or input address in personal phone at stop lights - no distractions or downtime), and decreases client cancellations. If a driver is in motion and doesn't immediately recognize the pickup address right away, they may take one freeway instead of another. The wrong freeway will increase the time and clients may cancel. Whereas the new features are good, the in-app navigation is by far the best update this year.

Uber engineers are working hard to make ubering efficient, safe and rewarding.

Happy Ubering!