Wednesday, August 06, 2014

How to collect payments from SideCar?

SideCar is a ridesharing company based out of San Francisco. It is also a ridesharing service featured in 8 large cities across the United States, such as San Francisco and the Bay Area, Los Angeles & Long Beach, San Diego, Boston, Seattle, Chicago, Charlotte, N.C., and Washington D.C. People living in these cities can apply to become SideCar drivers. There are plans to expand SideCar into additional transportation markets.

The best part of SideCar is that riders must input pickup and drop-off addresses. SideCar drivers find that driving for this ridesharing company is less stressful than their competitors, Uber and Lyft. Requesting destinations can delay trips, increase parking citations, and cause potential safety issues. Another positive aspect of SideCar is their ride filters that reduce cancellations, keep drivers in areas they like, and saves gas.

Uber hasn't revised their app yet to feature ride features. This disadvantage creates 20-30 minute ride requests, no-shows, cancellations, requests from the opposite side of bridge while driving in another direction, and wasted gas and time. It is a nuisance to drive without ride filters. This is an issue Uber hasn't addressed, which has cost drivers valuable time and money making pick-ups far way.

Lyft lacks these filters. Their riders will request rides from the Marina and inform drivers driving in Twin Peaks they will wait for them. After constant communication, passengers decide to leave in a taxi. If filters are set, this would never happen because another driver would be matched.

The payment processing at SideCar is a bit unorthodox. Drivers must wait 4-5 days for past rides to be processed, and then submit a request to have this payment deposited 1-2 days later. Moreover, the weekend may delay payments even longer. However, drivers who give rides on Monday-Wednesday will receive these payments much faster than if giving rides on UberX and Lyft platforms. UberX and Lyft don't pay for Mon-Wed trips until the following Thursday. If drivers invest in Mon-Wed and their paychecks are used to pay bills, then weekend driving becomes a challenge.

SideCar does have an advantage with Monday-Wednesday trips, and possibly Thursday and Friday rides. Nonetheless, Saturday and Sunday trips will take at least 4-5 days to process. Therefore, these trips won't be available to request until Thursday or Friday. Once this payment is submitted, there is another 24-48 hours waiting period to accept the funds into a bank account. Slow banks may take a few days, and can extend the direct deposit until the following Monday.

SideCar payments would be ideal if credit card processing took 3 days rather than 4-5 days. This change can make a huge difference to cut processing down to 1-3 days, especially when banks don't accept direct deposits on weekends. We found that 5 days is way too long and made it less inspiring to drive for SideCar. For the most part, any available earnings will be paid out the next morning - if this payment request is submitted before the early afternoon and the next day is a bank business day.

The best times to drive for SideCar is morning commute, evening commute, evenings, and weekends. Make sure you have the funds available to drive Mon-Wed shifts. If drivers lack resources (gas) to get on the road during busy weekends, they will stay grounded. Develop a good strategy to maximize SideCar rides and get the most out of this ridesharing company. Nevertheless, drivers can find success at SideCar. Their payment system is based on available funds and not on a weekly schedule.

Submit payments before 2p.m PST and before Friday (Thursday) to receive payments before the weekend. Past payments submitted prior to 2p.m. PST have a good chance in reaching bank accounts the next morning. This all depends on the bank and whether these deposits are credited right away.

Chase is a reliable bank that credits submitted payments the next morning. Drivers who use this bank and submit payment before 2p.m. PST, can rely on this payment reaching the next morning. There is a high probability these funds will show up in Chase bank accounts. Learn the payment processing to plan ahead.

Check out this SideCar link on how to request payments from previous rides.