Friday, August 01, 2014

How are UberX trips calulcated for clients?

The cost of an UberX ride is based on time, distance and base fare. The minimum fare is $6. No matter how quick a ride is, the cost of this fare is no less than $6. A driver can transport a client an inch and this ride will cost $6. The following explains the breakdown of your trip cost on Uber's UberX platform.

UberX trips are calculated on:
  • $3 base fare
  • $1 safe ride fee
  • $.30 per minute
  • $1.50 per mile
A client who takes a 10 mile trip that takes 20 minutes to complete will pay $25 for this trip. We calculate $3 base fare, $1 safe ride fee, $.30 X 20 minutes and 10 miles X $1.50. The total cost is $25. However, a surge may multiply the cost of trips. 1.25x (25% more), 1.50x (50% more), 1.75x (75% more), 2x (double the cost), 2.25x (125% more), 2.50x (150% more), 2.75x (175% more) and 3x (3 times the cost of no surge trip). 

Any Uber client can click on the car button to review details of trip cost. UberBlack is likely double the cost of UberX. Cancellations on UberX is $5 after 5 minutes and $10 after 5 minutes for UberBlack. 

Clients who feel their trip cost more may find that technical errors increased the fare, or in rare cases a driver started the trip at the moment they accepted the request. For the most part, Uber drivers have good integrity and are fair with the fares. There is no gaming the system. It is not worth a few extra dollars to lose an awesome driving position. 

Happy Riding with Uber!