Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Has Lyft done you wrong and deactivated you?

Has Lyft disappointed you? Enjoyed driving for Lyft and now this dream is gone? Join the deactivated driver crowd, the people who made Lyft popular and now must sit back and watch new rookie drivers earn money. These rookie drivers are clueless about landmarks, one-way streets, and attractions throughout major cities and local towns. Nevertheless, experienced drivers are let go and forgotten.

Lyft has done many drivers wrong. It is their nature to sweep negative feedback under the Pink Mustache. They don't want to share the truth that maybe their Performance Review Department is sub-par and need to all be replaced quickly. This group of clowns couldn't entertain a circus crowd. 

Lyft claims they work with drivers to keep them on the road. What a bunch of lies! Their theory of working with drivers is to submit a list of 100 things to do. How in the world does a driver know what to fix if they withhold real feedback? Lyft drivers are not learning anything from a few comments displayed on weekly statements. They want to know what lies their passengers are making about them. 

As you know, passengers will say anything to get a discount. They will write negative feedback just because they have the power to do so. Lyft never follows-up with passengers and drivers to compare feedback. Drivers have no idea that a good rider somehow gave them a "1" star for talking. 

Just be friendly and get a "1" star rating. That's how it all works on the Lyft platform. Lyft wants you to be nice, even if you have to force conservations with socially awkward riders. There are times that riders think drivers are over personable. Talk too much and get negative feedback. Drive drunk people and get low stars. What is the right way to perform ridesharing services? Stay silent? Let people walk all over you? Smoke marijuana in cars? Drink alcohol? What is it then?

Lyft drivers refuse to take risks. They know that making a few dollars is not worth losing their driving privileges and possibly get their vehicle impounded. Based on feedback on many passengers, Lyft passengers have done all of the above. Needless to say, Lyft ignores these problems and keeps promoting their company in a positive light. They are enablers for letting drunk riders harass Lyft drivers. Then, these riders give poor feedback and low star ratings. 

Uber doesn't hold their drivers accountable for transporting drunk riders at night. They know this population is hard to deal with and give their drivers some slack to accommodate them. On the opposing side, Lyft keeps all stars on accounts no matter if one particular rider didn't even take a ride and got mad because of a cancellation fee. As a result of this cancellation, a rider gives the driver a "1" star. Lyft allows this star to remain on a driver's account, knowing that a "1" star rating weighs heavily on the past 100 trips. 

Lyft drivers who got the boot are asking if they can get reconsidered. In our opinion, Lyft will turn a blind eye and ignore you. They will use the safety of the transportation community as an excuse as to why they can't reactivate your account. Don't believe Lyft. They have an insidious plan, an agenda to follow to keep moving forward. If ratings are low, then you must go. It doesn't matter if you're great drivers and good people. You can be the best driver ever.

It doesn't matter. Star ratings sell quality to the riding community. A 4.79 is not as appealing as a 4.92. At Uber, you will receive great respect for a 4.82. At Lyft, you are on the verge of deactivation with a 4.80. 

Lyft is all about expansion. They use a poorly flawed star rating system to get rid of drivers who they believe are sub-par performers. However, this ridesharing company continues to retain an ineffective Performance Review Team. They have no leadership, no experience and no flexibility. The Performance Review Department lack substance and do nothing to help their drivers succeed. Facts are facts. 

The proof is how good drivers get deactivated on the Lyft platform, and then can move into competing ride companies and thrive there. Lyft is a springboard to make mistakes and gain experience. Lyft drivers should think twice than to believe all these fabricated stories that drivers are buying homes and making a great living. Who is going to approve a Lyft driver for a loan? Lyft hasn't been around long enough to create financial stability. Ridesharing is too new to factor into loan approvals. 

According to two employees at Lyft, drivers are not independent contractors. They will never endorse you. They will never say you drive as an independent contractor for them. We got proof that this is their reply to questions regarding independent contractor verification. Lyft views their drivers as people who use their app to give rides. That's it! Nothing more, nothing less. 

You don't work for Lyft. You can tell people you are a Lyft driver. However, loan companies, car dealerships and apartment rentals won't approve you. They want to see tax forms to verify earnings. In our opinion, it must be at least a few years of tax forms to prove income stability. 

Has Lyft wronged you? Tell you not to worry about ratings? Give you advice to purchase a car? Then, deactivate you a few weeks later? Ignore you after? Refuse to hear your case? 

Lyft is the ridesharing bully. Their primary goal is to defeat UberX. They want to expand across the globe. When it comes to leadership, Lyft has none. Lyft hooks new drivers because they know you crave better flexibility and making money. Once riders vomit in your ride, threaten, harass and even punch you in the nose, you will start to contemplate driving for Lyft. 

It gets worse. You lose your voice. Your time at Lyft abruptly ends. This is the cold hard truth. Lyft will deactivate you and won't blink an eye. The only way you can last at Lyft is to maintain extremely high ratings. Don't drive drunk riders. Know the city well. Make sure all riders are doing good. 

Ridesharing is like restaurant serving. It is impossible to please everyone. There are too many personalities and you are bound to drive some bad passengers. Lyft deactivates good drivers all the time. They use the same excuse that we monitor accounts and make decisions based on ratings. They don't share that riders can submit "1" stars to avoid you, and vice versa. 

Do you know that a "1" star rating can kill a star rating? If this "1" star is weighed against 100 trips, it can send a score spiraling downward. It punishes the best of drivers. A "1" star is like getting an F on a test that counts for 10-15% of your overall grade. It is that bad. As a rider, don't submit "1" star ratings unless this is absolutely the worst experience in your life. Giving a "1" star for missing a turn is abusing the system. Submitting a "1" to punish a driver for talking to antisocial passengers is also abusive.

It's not fair passengers to give drivers a low score, and then receive "5" ratings for being mediocre riders. The livelihood of Lyft drivers depend on you as a passenger. You have a say in whether these drivers survive or get fired. We can promise you that terminated drivers will suffer financially, psychologically and physically. They may have purchased a newer vehicle to drive for Lyft. If these drivers moved into a new apartment, they will get evicted shortly after a driver account deactivation.

Don't worry too much if you had a hand in deactivating your Lyft driver, because this is not your fault. We suppose you had a good reason to submit a "1" star. As a result of this "1" star rating, this final low rating may have caused your Lyft driver to get terminated from their driving job. We point the finger at Lyft; their poor rating system and policies allow unexpected, cold deactivations to occur without proper notice. 

If Lyft has done you wrong, whether you are a passenger or driver, use @Ride_sharing on Twitter and set hashtag #Lyfting. Share your story. Shed light on Lyft. Tell the world about Lyft. Unlike Lyft on Facebook and unfollow Lyft on Twitter. Avoid following these demons and Devils. 

Happy Ridesharing!