Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Driving on Weekday nights in San Francisco return back low star ratings

Weekday clients in San Francisco are the worst raters. A driver shared that he gave more than a dozen rides on a weekday night and this resulted in a sub-4.40 night. These low ratings dropped their overall score an entire hundredth of a point.

Ridesharing drivers in San Francisco must watch out for these poor raters. It's not fair for drivers to give 5 star ratings to these tough clients and then they fire back low stars.

Many clients deserve low star ratings. The star rating system is an ineffective way to rate drivers. Some clients are reckless raters, which their low stars can drive a driver's overall score down. If drivers provide a good service, reward them with a 5 star.

These drivers are giving clients 5 star ratings. They are expected to rate every client. Clients can choose to not rate, or submit a bad rating and poor feedback for drivers who talk to them when they want silent. If drivers don't talk, they get low ratings for being unfriendly.

The star rating system needs to be removed from ridesharing. Some clients over exaggerate on their drivers, sharing feedback that appears padded and boosted up. Ridesharing drivers will soon discover that it's impossible to please every client.

Just know that problem clients don't last forever. Pay attention to the ETA; this is how much time you have remaining until you drop this client off and can be free of their rudeness.

Beware driving in San Francisco during weekday nights. The worst raters use ridesharing services on weekday night. Weekend nights and weekday between morning and afternoon hours are best rating times. Don't drive in areas where clients are known to submit poor star ratings and leave negative feedback.

Entitled clients/riders/passengers are the worst raters. Your ratings matter most. Without a good rating, your driving account will be deactivated. Ride app companies are not as lenient as traditional employers. Heads up: driving in San Francisco on weekday nights is a risk. Lack of filters produce rides from 15-20+ minutes away. Clients cancel rides often.

If you plan to take a dive into the San Francisco scene, drive near downtown SF, as most ride requests are focused between 1 Embarcadero, Mission Street, Brannan, Harrison and 2nd street, and other downtown areas. On the opposition, driving in the Marina District, Richmond and Sunset districts may produce rides in the late hours (1130pm-130am).

San Francisco weekday nights are a ratings risk. Watch out and beware that your overall ratings may drop in result of tough clients and misinformed raters.

Happy Ridesharing!