Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Don't use USB phone chargers in vehicles

According to a ridesharing driver, two different clients took their USB phone chargers. He provided this valuable service to clients and this courtesy resulted in two charging cables lost.

One client's friend actually took this iPhone 5 charger. When the driver kindly requested the client's friend to return his phone charger, the friend refused to do so. He had the nerve to say this was his charger. Finally, the driver just let this theft go and contacted his ride app company to report this theft. 

Our ridesharing tip to drivers is to never let clients use regular USB charging cables. iPhone 5 USB cables cost $15, so this is a lot to lose. If an airport fare resulted in a stolen charger, this is fine. The money drivers make from this ride is worth the risk. However, a mediocre $7 fare is not worth losing a $15 charge cable. 

Invest in a A/C charger. There is low probability that a client will steal IPhone 5 A/C chargers. Many clients don't own cars and an A/C adaptor won't work anywhere beside a vehicle. 

Watch out for clients who steal cords and other valuables. Drives may think clients are honest people, but there are some who actually remove items from vehicles. Safeguard your possessions. If you carry your laptop with you, keep this personal near you. Don't put your computer or valuable items inside the trunk. If a client opens your trunk, this bag can get stolen. As a result of this, there is no compensation for lost items. 

Fortunately, Uber understands that a small percentage of clients may remove phone charging cords from vehicles. Therefore, Uber is known to compensate drivers for dishonest clients. If drivers kept client's personal items, they would get deactivated right away. If clients take charging cables, drivers may request compensation from Uber. Report any phone thefts to UberX, Lyft and SideCar. 

Since drivers are providing a courteous service, client/riders/passengers should show better respect than to take these items. Taking/stealing phone chargers from vehicles will ruin the ridesharing experience for other clients. What if another client had no juice left in their phone? They can't use the ride app later on. Furthermore, this client may miss calls and can't utilize this charging option in rides. Drivers may receive lower ratings for not having this phone charger available because clients pay attention to extras. 

Ridesharing drivers should use A/C phone chargers. Don't invest your hard earnings in USB chargers that clients may take and/or even steal right in front of you and deny this theft. Dishonest clients must be reported so they don't ruin the ride experience for future clients. 

Happy Ridesharing!