Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Don't request rides if you are not ready

A driver shared that a client requested a ride. Once this driver arrived at this location, the client was not present. This client mentioned that they didn't expect such fast service and would rather cancel because they were not ready to leave the restaurant yet. Clients, please don't request rides if you are not ready to go.

The driver received a request to drive 11 minutes to pickup a client. The driver arrived in a steady 9-10 minutes, ahead of the projected arrival time. Meanwhile, the driver waited a few minutes to allow his client time to come out of a restaurant.

After waiting 5 minutes, this driver sent a text message, as he does often, to inform the client that he was waiting outside of the requested address and if she was at another location to please let him know. This client replied back that she didn't know this ride would arrive this fast and assumed it would take 15 minutes.

The driver had no problem with this client's request. He kindly requested the client to cancel the trip. However, this client never canceled the ride and this driver took upon himself to cancel, using the "client requested me to cancel" option. All in all, the driver never received a $5 cancellation fee.

The driver invested 20+ minutes in this client and the client must have had a free cancellation pass. Uber's policy is that clients receive one free cancellation, and then any canceled rides after 5 minutes will cost them $10 for UberBlack and $5 for UberX.

Unfortunately, the driver lost additional rides waiting for a client he should have never ordered this ride. Ridesharing services are designed to transport willing riders. It is unfair to keep drivers waiting, especially securing rides that another client could have used to get home. This action keeps everyone waiting longer and shows a clear abuse of the ride app process.

This poor cancellation policy is abused. Clients have requested rides from 25 minutes out and cancel the ride right at the moment the driver enters a parking lot at a distant location. This client knows the cancellation policy, and uses it to their advantage. These clients should be charged a percentage of a ride, a flat rate for canceling on longer trips. Otherwise, this cancellation policy will impact drivers and other clients. How many rides could a driver give in an hour at around 9p.m.? Quite a few.

As for this client, the most respectful action was to cancel the ride within 5 minutes to free-up this driver so they could give rides to other clients. They wasted this driver's time, which resulted in no cancellation fee and no fares. Clients should never request rides if they are not ready to take them.

Happy Ridesharing!