Thursday, August 14, 2014

Cross Dressing Taxi driver busted

Taxi drivers complain that ride app drivers are stealing their business. They protest against Uber, Lyft and SideCar to stop their gypsy car services. How many ridesharing and ride app drivers are cross-dressing and taking advantage of their passengers? None we heard of.

According to MSN News, a taxi driver operating a SUV in Washington D.C. was taken in custody for dressing up as a woman and stealing from his vulnerable passengers.

How in the world did this taxi driver take $200,000+ from his passengers? This taxi driver took advantage of young drunk riders, taking their ATM cards and pin numbers. His wig and padded bra lured these young riders into his domain. They probably thought of their taxi driver as a hot busty mature woman. Unfortunately, it will sicken them once they learn this female taxi driver was a 50 year-old dude.

This makes us think back to Lyft. This ridesharing company has a large juvenile user base. These young riders are known to disrespect their drivers. We don't wish any harm on these poor riders, but karma is always watching and taking notes.

Luckily, this cross-dressing taxi driver is off the streets. Beware of shady taxi drivers. It is moments such as this that make ridesharing services appear safer.

There is a general consensus that people trust ridesharing services, as proven by an app user trusting a driver to take a teenage girl home. Another girl requested a ride a few blocks because she was worried and didn't want to fumble around with her keys. Essentially, this female rider wanted their driver to watch over her until she safely entered her home.

What taxi will drive to a distant neighborhood to drive a girl two blocks and wait for them to enter their home? Not many. Ridesharing is here to stay!

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