Monday, August 04, 2014

Clients canceling at pickup address: Disrespectful

The biggest problem with ride app services are clients choosing to cancel ride requests at the pick-up point. After a driver traveled 10, 20 and even 25 miles to retrieve a client, the trip is canceled at the exact address. Why are client cancelling trips after watching a driver approach them for 30 minutes?

Quite a few clients lack any respect for ride app drivers. Nonetheless, clients are empowered to cancel rides. They don't seem to care if their driver lost multiple rides and wasted a few gallon of gas. Clients are no-shows. On the flip side, clients will yell at drivers and even threaten them for being late.

However, drivers are measured on performance- Accepting and cancelling rides are rated on a percentage scale. Drivers can't cancel rides without having a valid reason.

Clients cancel rides. They are reckless in performing this action. Since ride app companies state terms and conditions in using a ride app, there should be a penalty imposed for rides that are canceled after a certain amount of time. A deposit should apply to trips where drivers travel many miles, and then reach this destination only to get canceled at the pick-up point.

One female client called their driver after they reached the pick-up point and told them they didn't need an Uber anymore. This is after the client watched the driver travel for 25 minutes to their pick-up address. There are a good number of clients who are no-shows, as well. They order rides on ridesharing apps. Then, the client decides to take a taxi and doesn't have the decency to inform their driver of this.

Rideshare apps have spawned many disrespectful people. They don't care if the driver loses money. They don't care if the driver is incurring fuel cost. Their only concern is to get a ride right away. Common sense doesn't apply; clients think that a driver can make a 20 miles trip in 5 minutes.

Unless drivers speak up, clients will continue to take advantage of this cancellation process. Do clients know their actions impact the earnings of drivers? What if they didn't get paid for working at their job?

To cancel a ride that is not needed is best done within 5 minutes. As a result of this action, drivers can continue searching for new ride requests instead of being on the hook to retrieve a client. Be mindful and respectful that submitting a ride request and watching a vehicle come for you takes this driver away from picking up another client in need of a ride. If you request a driver, they cannot give a rides to another client.

The worst action is to submit a ride request and monitor this driver for 25 miles. Once this driver reaches the pick-up spot, the client decides to cancel the ride as if the driver is nothing. Even worse, the driver is not compensated for this cancellation because they get a free pass on the first one. This is the worst policy ever. Cancellation fees should apply, but should increase if drivers require additional time to reach pick-up spots.

For example, a ride request submitted from 20 miles away can take a driver 25-30 minutes to reach. If this client watches the clients the entire time and doesn't cancel this ride, they should have to pay a higher fee. It is unfair for a driver to invest 30 minutes and a 1-2 gallons of gas to retrieve a client. Clients who partake in this practice influence other clients. If drivers are locked-in on a ride, they can't accept another request.

Ridesharing is becoming a nuisance. As drivers get on the road, they discover it's not worth their time and gas to deal with rude clients. Clients can affect their earnings, especially if they request rides from far our and cancel them the moment a driver reaches a pick-up point. This is the worst part of driving for ridesharing service and ride app service companies. Nonetheless, clients are empowered to rate drivers with low stars, submit unjustified feedback and cancel whenever they choose to do so.

Our best advice is for drivers to call clients on trips greater than 9 miles or 16 minutes. If the client doesn't answer, cancel this ride right away. There are too many clients who drop the pin at the wrong address, and then expect drivers to go on a scavenger hunt to find them in another city. Ridesharing drivers are not in the treasure business; their primary goal is to drive clients safely to their destination. It is an added bonus if this trip is entertaining and memorable.

Do not drive 10 miles or greater to retrieve a client without first talking to them on the phone. Drivers take a risk that this client has already taken another ride and doesn't care about you. Sometimes this clients are too drunk to know better. Ridesharing services thrive on drunk people requesting rides. It is a drunk transportation service that connects willing drivers with drunken riders.

Be smart and preserve your resources. The cost incurred after a cancellation is expensive. In that 20-25 minutes, a driver can make a few trips. What if they don't get a cancellation fee? What about the fuel lost? Watch out for these clients who enjoy canceling rides after hooking a driver to pick them up. This is the dark side of ridesharing, because disrespectful clients ruin it for others.

p.s. Taxis probably enjoy hearing about these canceled rides because they are smart enough to require a flat rate. It is ride app drivers who are losing out in the transportation industry. Clients would never get away with disrespecting taxi drivers. Taxi drivers control their fate: (1) they are not rated (2) they don't ruin their personal vehicles (3) they can decline fares to furthermost areas.