Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Biased comment from a Lyft driver on Lyft website

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A current Lyft driver who has worked for Uber made this comment above. As an Uber driver, do you agree with what this former female Uber driver shared? Does Uber lack support, have rude customers and no driver and rider community? Should this matter to drive people to their destination safely and on time?

This comment is actually an inverse of the real truth. It is Lyft passengers that are rude and rowdy, poor raters, misinformed that their ratings will get a driver terminated, their support abandons you when your star rating drops, and the Lyft community is overrated with a bunch of misleading stories.

Any person leaving Uber to drive for Lyft probably lacked the skillsets to function as an Uber driver. It's not hard to drive for Uber. Even though Uber's support team is much slower than Lyft, they address concerns and resolve issues. A good pool of clients show respect for their drivers.

At Lyft, passengers are rude (threaten you), juvenile (mischievous - yell obscenities to female customers dining outside ), way too drunk to operate (vomit in cars often), bad raters (give a 1 star for talking to them), made impossible requests (wanting to double passenger occupancy often, ask for drivers to run red lights, rush, and speed), and are inpatient. The only comment we agree with in this comment is the money is great. With Power Hours in the past, drivers could keep more of their earnings. Regardless, Lyft drivers worked less and make more money.

We agree that Uber support ignores some emails. They try to wiggle their way out of paying driver referral bonuses. Uber once warned drivers who completed trips that they must pick up calls even when the app is offline or risk deactivation. They never notified drivers of this policy, that calls can arrive while the phone is offline and the client has been dropped off 30 minutes ago. In any case, Uber has their flaws like every organization on the face of the Earth.

On the opposing side, Lyft deactivates their drivers and ignore them. There is no way to reclaim your driving account after a deactivation. It is a cold way of conducting business - cold treatment. Passengers are encouraged to rate a "1" star to never ride with the same driver again. The same goes for drivers who dislike rude passengers and want to avoid them in the past.

Would passengers rate drivers less if they knew this would deactivate them and cause them severe financial problems? Probably not. What if this driver purchased a home and car? Would a passenger submit negative feedback to influence their driver's fate with Lyft?

In our unbiased opinion, Lyft employees give reckless advice to drivers. They told one driver to not worry about their 4.84 rating and that they can purchase a car. This driver's rating dropped to a 4.79 and got deactivated 3 weeks after this major purchase. Lyft never reconsidered this driver's account again. Lyft should increase the number of rated trips from 100 to 500. Furthermore, decreasing the minimum rating from 4.79 to 4.69 would improve morale. Experienced Lyft drivers should never be deactivated for conditions that don't involve threatening, fighting, and any other reckless action against passengers. How in the world can a driver lose their driving privileges without ever creating conflict?

Would you rather want a driving community or do you prefer a platform where you won't get deactivated during the holiday season and forgotten for your contribution to represent this ridesharing company in a positive light. Lyft doesn't value your contribution, they just want you to give rides. That's it! Uber treats their drivers with respect. They thank them for their service.

Take advantage of Lyft to maximize every ride, every dollar. The moment your rating drops, you are done driving on their platform. They will toss you in the junkyard like scrap metal.

Uber gives them drivers an opportunity to retain their driving privileges. They base their rating system on the last 500 rides. They don't hold drivers accountable for poor ratings involving drunk clients. Uber has a positive client community. Their support team is working hard to improve response times.

How is Lyft better than Uber? More positive than Uber? Lyft a good ride platform to make money, but their drivers stress out during every ride to keep passengers happy or else their ratings suffer. Despite respectful service given at Lyft, deactivation is inevitable.

Pick the real winner. Uber is a class act. Lyfy is a circus of performers trying to entertain you. Don't pay attention to the deceptive marketing from Lyft. The proof is that one great driver lasted on their platform for 10 weeks for dropping to 4.79, but has managed to perform great on two other ride platforms (UberX and SideCar) for the past 7-8 months. That tells you the real truth about how Lyft treats their drivers.