Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A great option for ride apps: Pause a Ride

Ridesharing drivers depend on gas to drive clients. The cost to fill-up gas tanks can be enormous. No ride apps are equipped with a feature to pause rides while a driver fuels up their vehicles. Pausing a ride can save clients money, that is if the driver needs to get gas and clients must wait.

"Pause a ride" will make a nice app update to accommodate drivers who need to get gas. We all know that drivers require gas and requesting them to take a longer trip may call for a gas station visit. 

Pausing a ride can save this client a few dollars. At $.30 per minute,the cost to wait for 7 minutes is $2.10. We recommend this feature mostly for gas fill-up purposes. We have to remember that drivers shouldn't be expected to pause ride while clients make errands and request their drivers to wait. 

Pause a ride is mainly a feature to reduce any additional fare cost associated with gas visits. If for some reason a driver has an emergency and needs to use the restroom and their client is cool about this, then pause a ride can work in the client's favor to reduce the fare cost. 

Pause a ride is a feature that can benefit a client. It shows mutual respect between both drivers and clients, where a ride can be paused to get gas and to make restroom trips before long rides. 

Happy Ridesharing!