Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Why would UberX drivers want to drive for Lyft?

Lyft is trying to entice UberX drivers to switch over to their ridesharing platform. Why would any UberX driver want to leave a great ridesharing platform with many lucrative opportunities to drive for a ridesharing company such as Lyft?

Lets be honest about what Lyft has to offer UberX drivers. Nothing. There may be a large user base on Lyft, but their rowdy and disrespectful passengers make transporting them a nightmare. UberX passengers usually sit in the backseat. If they want to sit upfront, then they will choose to do so.

Lyft enforces front passenger seating as almost a mandatory requirement. Almost every passenger sits upfront, which is cool unless these passengers are antisocial. Imagine driving a antisocial Lyft passenger, sitting up front, 30 minutes to their destination.

If drivers don't talk to these one-word answer passengers, they will receive low ratings. However, talking too much will result in a low rating, poor feedback and a friendlessness flag.

UberX drivers make far more than Lyft drivers. Furthermore, UberX has surge pricing during high demand times, where the cost of rides can multiple and make drivers additional money.

The worst part of Lyft is that dorky mustache. Then, the fist-bumps are a close second. These two irritating requirements at Lyft are enough to dodge this ridesharing company. Once ratings drop, Lyft can terminate their drivers without any warning. Deactivated drivers will eventually receive an e-mail hourly later to thank them and that they won't be driving for Lyft anymore.

It's UberX all the way. Drivers can last on the Uber platform. But for the most part, life with Lyft is unpredictable. You never know when Lyft will break up with you. Fortunately, Uber give their drivers an opportunity to improve their ratings and remain with the technology-based app.

UberX drivers should stay with Uber. Don't risk it all with Lyft or you may get stranded on the road without a job.