Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What passengers like about ridesharing services?

Thousands of riders use ridesharing services on a daily basis. During trips, these passengers shared why they prefer ridesharing services over taxi cabs. Ridesharing services are taking transportation to new heights. The ride revolution has arrived!

The following are what passengers like most about ridesharing services:
  1. Quick service
  2. Short wait time
  3. Guaranteed ride
  4. Accountability - rating system keeps driver in check
  5. Customize their rides
  6. Cashless platform - taxis have been known to reject credit cards
  7. Positive social environment
  8. Courteous drivers
  9. Car charger ports
  10. Snacks
  11. Water
  12. Clean cars - smell good, clean interior and exterior
  13. Nice cars
  14. Coordinate rides to do other things while waiting for driver
  15. Call and text drivers without getting the runaround
  16. Accessibility to rides at all times of the day (can get a ride a block down to avoid dangerous areas)
  17. Get rides to and from areas that usually taxis avoid (Outer Sunset and Outer Richmond in San Francisco)
  18. Drivers listen to their problems and offer reassurance and advice
  19. Voluntary tipping (don't worry about tipping the driver)
  20.  Best reason is that ridesharing services are much more affordable than taxi services. 
Happy Ridesharing! 

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