Tuesday, July 01, 2014

What is Uber?

Uber is an app startup company that opened up their doors to the San Francisco community in 2009. Since the launch of this ride app, Uber has grown worldwide. Uber is behind the ridesharing craze that is making their UberX platform a huge hit. Uber riders from UberBlack, UberSUV and Uber Taxi have trickled into the UberX movement. What is Uber?

Uber is a technologically-based ride app that launched in San Francisco. The current CEO and co-founder of Uber is Travis Kalanick. In current time, Uber is estimated to have over 400,000 activate clients on their system. Nearly a million ride requests, if not more, are accepted per week.

Uber does not own any cars, nor do they operate any fleets. However, Uber monitors their driving community to ensure all partners abide by their rules. New approved partners are invited to visit a designated location to get activated on the Uber platform.

All UberBlack and UberSUV drivers are licensed under TCP. You can see this serial number displayed on the back bumper. TCP stands for Transportation Charter Party (TCP), a license granted under the state to allow cars for hire.

Any Uber rider can crossover between UberBlack, UberSUV, UberXL (seats 6 or more riders), UberTaxi, and UberX. This consistently generating millions in revenue per year through its driving community giving many rides. Whereas Uber is not a transportation company, the truth is they are dominating all transportation services.

Uber clients open up their Uber app. In this app, they can choose the type of service such as UberBlack, UberSUV, UberTaxi and/or UberX. Right now, Uber's rideshare division, UberX, is outperforming ridesharing companies such as Lyft and SideCar. Uber's main competitor in its UberX offering is Lyft.

Many Lyft drivers are testing UberX, a similar ridesharing service to Lyft's on-demand ridesharing app. Based on current demand, UberX is becoming the  go-to ridesharing service in San Francisco. It is also spreading its influence to the East Coast and the South. UberX is making noise in the ridesharing movement.

It was great decision-making for Uber to have launched UberX. What started as a hybrid and electric car offering is becoming extremely popular to Uber clients. Instead of ordering an UberBlack to take a bar client home, this member can now have quick access to a more affordable service as well as a nice vehicle.

Want to use UberX and submit a request for a nice luxury vehicle to pick up you? As a matter of fact, Uber's partners use these vehicles on the UberX platform.

To wrap up the trip, we ask what is Uber again? Uber is a ride app that connects its partners (drivers) to riders (clients) to provide a transportation service. It is a cashless form of transportation where no cash is exchanged in person; all rides are charged to a client's saved credit card.

If you're a current Lyft driver, use the following link to sign up for UberX. You will receive a $500 bonus after completing 20 trips. Moreover, you will have access to driving promotions, surge rides and an abundance of business throughout the day. In California, you can drive anywhere in the state.

Lyft drivers Signup for UberX (New promotion: ridesharing drivers qualify for $500 bonus after 1 trip - must have taken rides on another ridesharing platform before January 8, 2015). 

If you are not a Lyft driver, drop your e-mail in the comment section visit the following link:

UberX and Uber driver signup

Get on the road with UberX today. Make everyday an Uber cool day!