Friday, July 11, 2014

What is that Pink Mustache on cars?

The Pink mustache, also known as a Carstache®, is trade dress for Lyft. Lyft is a ridesharing company that launched in San Francisco in 2012. Since this ridesharing app launched, Lyft drivers have given over a million rides and continue to transport passengers in vehicles driven by regular people who own their cars and use this on-demand ridesharing service to make income. 

Lyft's founders are Logan Green and John Zimmer. Logan Green is the current CEO of Lyft. The technology used in this Lyft app is taken from the founder's previous ride company, Zimride - long distance ride sharing. 

Lyft is on a mission to spread their ridesharing service influence across the globe. Their ridesharing company is planning to launch in Brooklyn and Queens later tonight. Despite legal hurdles to operate in New York City, Lyft will go ahead and launch. Expect to see cars with Pink mustaches on the front grill tomorrow night in NYC. These personal cars will be driven by a Lyft driver. 

Uber's UberX and Lyft are direct competitors. Their pricing wars and promotions are giving the transit community a bargain. Passengers can request rides at a much cheaper price than taxis. Taxis are protesting TNC services, a recent legislation that first passed in September of 2013 in California. California is the first state to regulate ridesharing services via smartphone app in the United States. 

Current Lyft cities are here

The Lyft app can be downloaded at the Apple store, on Google Play and on

Happy Lyfting!