Wednesday, July 02, 2014

What has ridesharing taught a driver?

Last year, a driver had no idea what ridesharing services meant. Their best friend told them about Lyft, Uber and SideCar. He shared that people give rides with their own cars for donations. This donation-based system made people decent money to pay bills. Now that this driver has given thousands of rides to all types of people, they can tell you what ridesharing has taught them.

As we may all know by now, ridesharing - in the sharing economy world - is the act of requesting a ride via a ride app. Uber, Lyft and SideCar are three leading ride apps in San Francisco. These app companies launched in San Francisco, where a majority of their ride services transport thousands of clients per day.

When a driver started driving for Lyft, they enjoyed transporting people around this city. Back then, San Francisco was no easy city to maneuver across. If you have visited or currently live in San Francisco, then you know this city is designed on a grid. Numbered city streets go across Market Street, and then change into named streets. Polk Street becomes 10th Street and 3rd Street turns into Kearny Street.

The outer streets such as Fell and Oak will take a driver to and from the Sunset District. Geary Street is the vital artery to the Richmond District. Franklin and Gough take you to and from the Marina. South Van Ness goes from Cesar Chavez to the Bay near Pier 39.

Navigation is an important part of ridesharing. Knowing the best routes can make ridesharing most efficient. Riders want to know that their drivers are not milking the clock to make more money.

What ridesharing has taught:
  1. To be patient
  2. That people share personal problems
  3. People are lonely
  4. Some people are rude
  5. People are genuine 
  6. Riders have high expectations
  7. People go to interviews late
  8. People are always in a hurry and defer this pressure to drivers
  9. Safety is the most important aspect of ridesharing
  10. See new parts of the city you wouldn't normally see if not ridesharing
  11. You can meet great business contacts
  12. People are interested in your life stories
  13. Female riders depend on ridesharing to get home, even if it's a few blocks away
  14. Drunk people are rowdy in cars that are not theirs
  15. Riders like to air out with music and dancing
  16. People are not shy in private cars
  17. There are many 1-way streets in San Francisco
  18. You can't make Left turns in downtown Market and Mission
  19. Marina residents act entitled 
  20. Citation officers in their small buggies are out to get ridesharing drivers
  21. San Francisco riders never tip drivers
  22. Outside cities tip drivers
  23. Taxis are bitter and aggressive toward ridesharing drivers
  24. You'll never see the same riders twice - only happened twice
  25. People make a living from ridesharing 
  26. GPS apps are your best friend - particularly Google Maps and Waze
  27. Smart phones are profitable tools
  28. Riders enjoy luxury cars
  29. Riders like to talk about projects
  30. People appreciate ridesharing over taxis
What has ridesharing taught you? Share your comments below. Happy Ridesharing!