Monday, July 28, 2014

We want to refer new drivers to UberX

UberX is available in more cities than Lyft. It is a ridesharing service division of the highly popular Uber transportation app, a black car service established in San Francisco about 5 years ago. Uber is commonplace in San Francisco, where their UberX is now creating major buzz. As Lyft continues to expand in cities across America, so does the affordable and comfortable alternative in UberX.

The main differences between Lyft and Uber are their social expectations and themes. Lyft expects their drivers to initiate conversations, even if this communication influences their star ratings. Typically, Lyft drivers have been getting friendlessness flags for talking too much during rides. This friendlessness flag wouldn't be a problem if not for Lyft's social expectations such as fist-bumping and socializing. Even so, Lyft themes (disco, Batman, cookies, brownies, chalkboard car, and etc) are too much for passengers who just want a casual ride home.

In contrast, UberX is comfortable, convenient and classy. Nonetheless, quality rides arrive to pick up clients and take them to their destination. Clients feel connected with their drivers. Both parties show mutual respect for one another, realizing there are times when some silence is required during these trips. UberX drivers are also interesting people who have awesome stories. If clients want to partake in conversations, drivers are there to listen and contribute their ideas, opinions, and give feedback.

UberX is the clear winner. Their ridesharing service is competitively priced. Courteous drivers arrive on time to drive their clients to designated locations. If clients require multiple stops to complete errands, UberX drivers are more than willing to accommodate these requests. UberX is available in many cities across America. As ridesharing services become more acceptable, clients will discover the ease of requesting a ride. If drivers are available at 4am in the morning in a quiet city, clients may get lucky with securing a ride to travel to work, to the airport and/or anywhere else.

Want to drive for UberX? Are you a current Lyft driver? If so, you can use this link to sign up with UberX and receive a bonus ($500) upon completion of 1 trip. Must have taken trips on another ridesharing platform prior to January 8, 2015.

However, non-ridesharing drivers who want to earn extra income to supplement their primary jobs and/or are interested in meeting cool people, fill-out this contact form and give us permission to submit you as a friend to Uber. In no time, you will be on the road driving as a UberX Partner.

Happy Ridesharing!

***Disclaimer - We will receive a bonus for referring new drivers - whether these prospects are applying to become an UberX and/or a SideCar driver. These bonuses compensate us for our time, as contributing valuable content is demanding in an even-changing transportation landscape. We appreciate any visitors who help us to keep the community informed with the latest news and tips.

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