Monday, July 14, 2014

Voice phone and texting after Drop-Offs on UberX

The UberX platform allows both drivers and passengers to call and text one another after a completed trip. This communication feature is useful to help drivers return lost items, or aid clients to retrieve their personal possessions. Picking up calls originating from Uber are most important.

Voice phone and texting are open between active rides and once trips are completed. Drivers who shut their apps down could receive phone calls from their previous clients. It is imperative to answer calls from the last client. If drivers keep ignoring calls from this switchboard, they risk potential deactivation. Clients have been known to submit complains that drivers ignored their calls shortly after a trip.

Keep an eye on your personal phone that is connected to the Uber system. Calls and text messages may arrive after a trip is completed. Drivers can also contact the client to inform them that they left their personal items in the vehicle. If a phone is left behind, send an e-mail to Uber to report this item.

Happy Ridesharing!