Thursday, July 10, 2014

UberX Trade Dress

Uber Trade Dress: Uber "U"
California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) requires that TNC drivers who provide ridesharing services must wear proper trade dress. Trade dress is identified as signage, emblem and/or mark that identifies a particular brand. Proper trade dress for UberX drivers performing TNC service is an Uber "U" inside the lower right passenger windshield area.

UberX drivers are to wear this Uber "U" on the passenger side of the windshield. This UberX trade dress is approved under CPUC. This trade dress for UberX must be clearly noticeable at all times when a driver is actively online and performing ridesharing services.

If UberX trade dress is missing, CPUC will issue a $1000 fine. According to Uber, the UberX driver failing to display the Uber "U" is responsible for paying this $1000 fine. Don't take a risk. Make sure you don't remove this Uber "U" while using the Uber app. This means that UberX drivers must have this Uber "U" in the right place when the Uber app is turned on and while transporting passengers.

Once a driver is no longer providing ridesharing services - they are offline, on a break, and are done driving for the day - the Uber "U" can be removed. Word of advice: this Uber "U" should be in its proper place at all times and even if you are driving home to make it easier to engage into ridesharing. If you decide you want to activate the ride app again, then you will need to park on the side of the road to apply this trade dress. This delay may cost you valuable time, possibly preventing a lucrative ride request.

The Uber "U" is actually really cool and not dorky like trade dress for SideCar and Lyft. It has a cool white "U" and is surrounded with solid black. It won't get stolen from your vehicle while inside a store or getting gas. If your trade dress is stolen, you can't drive unless you believe $1000 is worth the risk.

The Uber "U" is easy to store inside your glove compartment. It takes no effort to apply this Uber "U" and it is easy to remove. Apply the Uber trade dress on the lower right side of the interior windshield. Give enough room to place the Airport placecard underneath the Uber trade dress.

Wear the Uber "U" because it is the California state law and without this trade dress you will be issued a $1000 fine by the CPUC.

According to Uber, the "U" light is not an acceptable trade dress. Only use the Uber "U" that was sent in the mail and/or downloadable version until this "U" arrives to your home.

Happy Ridesharing!

The following is a trade dress law established by CPUC:

"TNC vehicles must display consistent trade dress (i.e. distinctive signage or display on the vehicle( when providing TNC services that is sufficiently large color-contrasted as to be readable during daylight hours at a distance of 50 feet. The trade dress must be sufficient to allow a passenger, government official, or member of the public to associate a vehicle with a particular TNC (or licensed transportation provider). Acceptable forms of trade dress include, but are not limited to, symbols or signs on vehicle doors, roofs, or grills. Magnetic or removable trade dress is acceptable."