Monday, July 21, 2014

UberX: iPhone Subscription Fee is $10 per pay period

New UberX drivers must pay $10 per pay period to use an Uber approved iPhone. Existing drivers who previously signed on and have been using this Iphone will receive $10 rebates on this phone subscription until the end of the summer. Once the rebate ends, these drivers will pay $10 per week to use this phone.

New UberX drivers will be charged a deposit fee for their iPhones that is to be deducted in equal payments from Partners' direct deposit disbursements. Effective immediately, this $10 subscription fee will be deducted every pay period. There are no subscription rebates for new UberX drivers. Phone deposits are deducted from Partner payments until fully collected. 

If UberX drivers must pay $10 per week to use this Uber Iphone, why can't they download the Google Maps app? Currently, the only map featured on this phone is Apple Maps. We all know that Apple Maps creates major GPS issues. These iPhone are disabled for Internet usage, app downloads, and phone calls. Drivers still have to use their personal phones for client calls, text messages, and GPS.

Should drivers have more control over these iPhones to send e-mails? Use Google Maps? Waze? Make and receive calls from clients? Send and receive text messages - clients?