Saturday, July 19, 2014

UberX in Napa: A Ratings Nightmare Part 2

Apparently, clients in Napa don't know how to rate their drivers. It is a constant theme for drivers to get low ratings out in Napa. A driver provided awesome service on a Sunday before Memorial Day and got the worst ratings ever. Yesterday and last night, this driver took another shot at Napa and made some money but their ratings hit rock bottom again.

Drivers beware; don't risk your ratings giving rides in Napa, California. Clients in Napa are the worst raters and will ruin your overall score. It is not worth driving people all around the wine country and getting terrible scores. If drivers give 5 stars to all their clients, these riders won't reciprocate the same.

The poor raters in Napa may involve those who travel to this location from other areas out of state and Southern California. These clients will destroy your overall score and push you closer to deactivation. If you are a driver who doesn't care about ratings, go ahead and drive in Napa.

Napa is by far the worst place to drive in. The star rating system is crucial to drivers. If drivers dip below 4.70, they will get deactivated.

A driver tested Napa out in May and got hit with 3.5 star ratings for 12 trips. This driver's overall score dropped a few points. Because of this steep ratings drop, the driver avoided driving out in Napa. However, the driver took another risk to give rides in Napa yesterday and today. The same problem occurred with low ratings again; this driver received 4.2 star ratings for 8 trips.

The driver provided the best possible service. They reached the pickup points fast, and delivered their clients to destinations safely. How does this driver deserve 4.2 ratings on these 8 trips? As a result of this 4.2 ratings nightmare, this driver lost a point on their overall rating score.

This driver will avoid Napa to protect their star rating score. It is far too risky to drive in Napa since people visiting there and who live in this area are poor raters. Clients are receiving perfect 5 stars, but are giving drivers very low scores.

For any drivers planning to drive in Napa, be extremely careful. Clients in Napa don't know how to rate their drivers. Nonetheless, absorbing these constantly low ratings in Napa could adversely impact a driver's account. If you can, avoid Napa and drive in the East Bay and San Francisco.

This driver received a perfect 5.0 star rating last week. They also got a 4.93 the previous week. It will be an uphill climb for this driver to increase their 4.2 star score, for this week, to a decent score. As a result of Napa, the ratings for this week will remain low unless this driver chooses to give rides in San Francisco. Clients in San Francisco understand the star ratings system and realize that low scores can doom a driver.