Friday, July 25, 2014

Uber IPhone overheats

In Northern California today, the temperature reached as high as 106 degrees in Bay Area cities. At some points, the scorching heat felt like Death Valley. A driver with limited gas ventured out into Napa in the late afternoon. No ride requests arrived, so this driver parked to cool off. The traffic backed up for miles on I-80, Highway 12 and Highway 29. However, the Uber iPhone presented the biggest challenges of the day with its constantly overheating and shutting down.

Eventually, this driver accepted a long trip from Napa to Saint Helena. Before this trip, the Uber iPhone experienced overheating issues. It happened again at the beginning of this ride, up until 5 miles before reaching the final destination.

UberX driver know that without an actively working Uber iPhone, there is no way to provide ridesharing services. In such instances, the Uber app drains the battery. Moreover,  the black exterior casing absorbs the heat and the power cord increase the temperature. These motivating factors cause the Uber iPhone to automatically shutdown to avoid meltdown.

Once this iPhone goes into sleep mode with an overheating thermometer gauge, Uber drivers are unable to receive ride requests as of result of the cooling off period. The map and vehicle go stagnant until the phone is ready to go online again.

If the power cord and excessive heat heat outside increase the temperature to the point in which it shuts down the iPhone and this occurs during an active trip, allow the phone to cool. Don't worry about the Uber app crashing or the trip ending. This trip remains active until the driver closes it down. Even in high temperature mode, the trip is active and on course. Soon after the phone cools down and is ready to go again, click on the Uber app and the trip will be active again.

The cause of the phone overheating is a combination of exterior heat, power cord, Uber app power usage, and the exterior shell of the black iPhone. All these issues, mostly on hot days, can result in overheating of this iPhone. Don't reset the phone or power it off unless the app freezes.

The current trip will be active for the duration of the ride. It is a cool feature for this Uber app to return to ride mode such as what occurs when Internet browsers crash and reopen existing pages. Do your best to charge the Uber iPhone prior to driving.

Unplugging the power cord may allow the iPhone to cool down. If the battery is low, a driver risks losing out on new trips. Keep this phone charge so you can unplug the power cord during the hottest periods of the day.

Happy Ridesharing!