Friday, July 25, 2014

The best part of driving for Lyft: Large Rider Community = Money

Lyft drivers can make a bundle of money on weekend nights. Needless to say, Lyft drivers have access to a large pool of riders and this enables them to give consistent rides. Lyft drivers can take longer fares outside of large cities. Their ridesharing service influence is socially driven.

The best part of driving for Lyft is their Power Hours. Last year, Lyft designated Power Hour shifts (Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday) that gave drivers 100% of all earnings during these times. Lyft drivers can also make plenty of income driving the morning and evening commute hours on weekdays.

Lyft recruited hundreds of drivers to perform these ridesharing services. However, Lyft is still searching for new drivers to meet the high demand. At one point last year, Lyft drivers couldn't meet 30% of the ride requests on weekend nights. In a 7-8 hour shift, Lyft drivers may earn greater than $35+ an hour.

Make sure you maintain good star ratings at Lyft to keep driving on their platform. As long as you are driving frequently, you have the potential to earn $1000 per week or more. It really depends how often you get on the road and what hours and days you drive.

Keep in mind that drivers are compensated $250 for vomiting passengers.

Become a Lyft driver today.

Happy Lyfting!