Thursday, July 17, 2014

Some Uber Partners direct deposit payments delayed today

July 17, 2014

There are some Uber Partners who did not receive their direct deposit this morning (July 17, 2014). Apparently, the third party bill pay company who provides payment services experienced bank problems and this disrupted Partner payments. No Uber e-mails were sent ahead of time to inform Partners of this payment delay (they knew about this payment issue in the morning).

An e-mail was sent to Uber in the early morning to question why a payment hasn't arrived on time. Hours later and after the fact, Uber responded back with an insensitive generic reply that they were aware of this issue and apologized. In this e-mail, they have no idea of the timeline on when Partners can expect to get paid for their weekly earnings from last week. 

As many Lyft and SideCar drivers know, getting paid on time is essential. These two companies never delivered any payments late. It is these payments that allow for drivers to keep performing ridesharing services. 

If there is any payment delays, staff members should be sending out quick e-mails to inform their Partners on this developing banking issue. 

It doesn't make sense for Partners to send a request for this payment issue. Then, a response arrives that apologizes to the Partners who didn't receive their direct deposit and they have no idea when this will get resolved. 

How can drivers get out there and give rides if they don't get paid on time and are not informed ahead of time of this delay? This generic e-mail is insensitive to drivers. Some drivers were put in a bad position, as they depend on this money to survive. It is their livelihood to provide transportation services. 

The tone of this generic reply should mention that we were just notified of this payment issue and that we sincerely apologize we couldn't inform you ahead of time. Instead of constantly focusing on ways to improve ride services, payment processing for driver accounts should always be on time. If these payments don't reach on time, staff must make sure to contact Partners.  

Keep in mind that Partners who didn't receive their payments may experience problems driving. It takes money to make money.If payments are delayed a day, this could severely impact Partners. 

It is unfortunate that this payment processing company sent an e-mail, as they do every week, to indicate a payment has arrived and is in the bank account. Then, Partners log into their bank accounts and noticed their account balances are negative for trusting that these funds would be there. 

Inform staff of payment and internal issues ahead of time. If unexpected problems arise, then these companies need to start sending out mass e-mails to inform Partners of this issue. Don't wait until this issue is already a problem. Receiving timely payments is what allows all drivers to perform quality services. 

***Uber payments are direct deposited every Thursday morning. With few delays in the past, Uber is usually on-time.