Tuesday, July 08, 2014

SideCar Trade Dress

SideCar Trade Dress
The Public Utilities Commission is issuing $1000 fines to ridesharing drivers who don't wear proper trade dress. If you are a SideCar driver, you must wear the Orange mirror sleeves that have "SideCar" printed on them.

The SideCar trade dress is an identifier of the ridesharing or ride app a driver is currently operating under. It is important to use the right trade dress for which the rider ordered. For example, if you work for multiple ridesharing companies, you may give rides often. Maintain the most accurate trade dress for this ride. Wear the right trade dress for the right passenger. If you have a Pink Mustache, and are driving a SideCar passenger, this would demonstrate the wrong use of a trade dress.

While giving rides for SideCar, you must wear orange mirror sleeves with "SideCar" printed on them. Wear these SideCar sleeves during the time in which you're driving SideCar passengers.

Protect yourself from receiving a $1000 fine, especially at an airport. Recent news from SideCar is that ridesharing drivers who use their app may drive to airports at their own risk. If such a ride request arrives, SideCar will not cover any fines given at the airport. Unless SideCar revised this policy and has settled any airport disputes, be careful driving to the airport to make drop-offs.

Most importantly, wear proper trade dress to avoid the $1000 from the PUC.

The following is a trade dress law established by CPUC:

"TNC vehicles must display consistent trade dress (i.e. distinctive signage or display on the vehicle( when providing TNC services that is sufficiently large color-contrasted as to be readable during daylight hours at a distance of 50 feet. The trade dress must be sufficient to allow a passenger, government official, or member of the public to associate a vehicle with a particular TNC (or licensed transportation provider). Acceptable forms of trade dress include, but are not limited to, symbols or signs on vehicle doors, roofs, or grills. Magnetic or removable trade dress is acceptable."



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