Sunday, July 27, 2014

SideCar ended its $250 bonus for new drivers on June 30, 2014 - $100 still available to receive after 10 rides (Holiday promotion)

A recent summer promotion rewarded new SideCar drivers with $250 in total bonuses. Using the SideCar referral link featured on this website (must use referral links to qualify) gives new drivers access to this bonus. New SideCar drivers must complete 10 rides to make $50 ($100 holiday promotion) bonus and their 150th ride within a month to get $200. However, this promotion ended on June 30, 2014.

Any new SideCar who signed up before June 30, 2014 using the link on this website and completes their 150th before the end of July will receive $250 total in bonuses. New SideCar drivers can still sign up through the link to receive the $50 ($100 right now) bonus after giving their 10th ride.

As soon as another promotion launches, we will make sure to share this with our readers on this website. SideCar is a really good ridesharing platform that has cool passengers. We haven't heard any vomiting episodes on the SideCar platform, so this is definitely a good sign that inputting pick-up and drop-off destinations into the SideCar app demonstrates that riders are coherent.

Sign up to drive with SideCar. This ridesharing company features weekday and weekend ride bonuses on a weekly basis. In time, SideCar may introduce another promotion that qualifies new drivers to receive $250 in total bonuses upon successful completion of approved rides.

Get on the road with SideCar today!

Sign up to become SideCar driver here - input code qjbxk to qualify for $100 bonus after 10th trip.