Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Rider kept calling and making impossible request

Driven the max number of riders in your vehicle? Have a client request too many riders? Do you feel that you're put on the spot to give rides to double the riders? Welcome to the world of ridesharing.

On Saturday night, a client kept calling a driver to request them to give his large group a ride. This driver tried to decline this request nicely, but this client didn't want to take no for an answer. The driver offered another alternative to drive half of his group, and then have another rider request them back again.

By the time the driver reached this pickup location, the client decided to cancel the ride. The driver wasted over 25 minutes of their valuable time. Unfortunately, drivers will have to deal with clients who refuse to listen.

The client requested this driver to transport 7 riders. However, the max amount of riders that could fit in their car were 4 excluding this driver. They knew this request to drive 7 people would not work. They tried to offer alternatives to change this client's mind, but this cient wouldn't back down.

For the most part, the client came to his senses and canceled this ride. If he would like to fit 7 riders in a car, he must order a vehicle that provides maximum seating. There is an UberXL car service that can fit 6 riders or more.

Clients should do their best to stay within the maximum seating limits. They know that stacking people in cars can create safety issues. The driver is responsible for the safety of all people who ride in their vehicles. Ridesharing drivers ask that clients/riders/passengers do their best to be respectful and know that drivers are doing their best to make their rides safe and memorable.

Happy Ridesharing!