Tuesday, July 22, 2014

No ride requests in Sacramento

We heard from drivers that Sacramento should be a lucrative city to provide ridesharing services. According to a driver attempting to service this area before noon, no ride requests arrived within an hour of driving through the heart of Sacramento.

Ridesharing drivers who travel through the heart of San Francisco are guaranteed a ride request. It is possible this high dense area (San Francisco) allows most drivers to locate reliable ride requests at all times of the day. Sacramento is more spread out, so there are busy and slow times in the capital of California.

Ridesharing drivers must study the cities they want to drive in. In this way, these drivers can determine if their time and gas are worth the risk. For the most part, ridesharing services are tricky in regions that are spread out and may produce ride requests from many miles away. It it quite possible a ridesharing driver may receive a request to drive out into Elk Grove.

In San Francisco, ride requests arrive within a few miles or less. The only times that ride requests come from further out are in the early AM hours when less drivers are on the road and when bars close. Drivers may receive a request from 4-5 miles out, requiring them to send a text message and/or call this client to inform them they're traveling from a specific part of the city and if they would wait for them.

Sacramento is a tricky city to perform ridesharing services. It takes some research to find the hot spots in this capital city. Ridesharing drivers should talk to other drivers who service Sacramento to find out the best spots to hang out and get rides.

Happy Ridesharing!