Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New drivers who use wrong link disqualify referring drivers and new driver

Uber pays an existing Partner $500 to refer a new driver from Lyft. A current Partner of Uber referred a Lyft driver to Uber through their driver account. Apparently, the iPhone link below the "Go Online" button wouldn't take this new driver for some reason. Therefore, this Partner logged into their account and used the $500 banner to refer this new driver. No text message of this driver reached this Partner's account to notate them of their referee.

This Partner contacted Uber support to request status on this new driver. They also followed-up with the new driver to make sure their account was active and ready to go. Nevertheless, this Partner recently received a message from Uber support that this driver used the wrong link and both the referring Partner and the new driver were disqualified from receiving a bonus.

Tell us how a Lyft driver who knew nothing about UberX would discover information on this ride sharing service? It was our website that informed this Lyft driver. This Lyft driver left a comment with their information, requesting to be referred to Uber.

Then, this Partner referred the Lyft driver: they were told they won't receive a bonus. The new driver already completed their qualified trips to initiate a bonus. This Partner should be due a bonus for informing the new driver of alternatives beyond Lyft.

Is Uber skipping out on paying out a driver bonus? Are Partners informed that bonuses will get paid to refer a driver, but then are not qualified because they claim there is a link issue in the sign-up process? What is really going on here with referring new drivers to Uber? Why can't they be flexible to pay out a bonus to a Partner who informed a new driver about UberX?

Word of advice to Partners is to make sure a new driver uses the appropriate link to get referred. One mistake during the sign-up process can exclude both the Partner and the new driver from receiving bonuses. This advice also applies when current Lyft and SideCar drivers are referring new drivers to their ride sharing platforms.

For any Lyft driver or an individual who wants to sign up to drive for UberX, please clink on this link here to provide us with the your personal information. We will send you an e-mail of the right steps to get activated. If the sign-up process is performed wrong, both the referring driver and the new driver will be disqualified from receiving any bonuses. This is a great way for ride app companies to avoid paying out bonuses. Don't leave money on the table.

We understand that all parties must follow the right direction to track referrals. Unfortunately, a visitor on this website visited Uber instead of clicking on a link on this website and disqualified us and himself from receiving a bonus. Bad luck or bad mistake? Uber can save $1000. One new driver spread their ridesharing influence. One referring party must wait until another driver wants to sign-up again.

Poor tracking standards for referrals? Strict rules? Or do some Partners experience unfortunate occurrences to improve the overall system? We believe it is the last choice - that someone must lose out for others to gain.