Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Lyft use ads on "Uber" and "SideCar" keyword

Lyft is on a mission to get noticed fast. In the search engines, Lyft advertises on the "Uber" name. Whenever a web surfer types in any Uber phrases, including a direct search of "Uber" in the search engines, Lyft ads surface to attract new drivers to their ridesharing platform. To increase their influence, Lyft seems to be advertising on the "SideCar" name as well.

Most companies know not to bid on a keyword and/or keyword phrases containing the exact name of their competitors. Many of these company names are registered, TM, and/or hold copyrights. Movie websites are not going to bid on keyword(s) such as The Oscars® and The Academy® Awards. It is best to avoid potential problems bidding on these protected terms.

It appears that ride app competitors, SideCar and Uber, are cautious on their keyword bidding. Uber shows up for a search on its own name. No SideCar ads are featured in the search engine on key phrases in ridesharing and rideshare apps. Lyft ads appear for ridesharing services, ridesharing websites, airport rides, Uber, SideCar, and other keywords that identify their market share.

Lyft is definitely ingraining their ridesharing company into our web minds. Their ads are circulating all over the Internet, sublimely telling us to drive with Lyft, ride with Lyft. If you want to drive for Lyft, look no further than this website.

Lyft ads are visible on this website to get new riders since our audience base compliment their ridesharing service business. Nonetheless, Lyft is busy with bidding on all keywords, even the exact names of their two major competitors.

"Uber" search

"SideCar" search