Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Lyft, Uber, SideCar and Taxis get drop-off spots and pick-up spots at 49ers new Levi's Stadium

Uber, Lyft and SideCar get designated pick-up and drop-off areas at San Francisco 49ers Levi's Stadium. This is the first time a ridesharing service has been given a designated area to make drop-offs at a sporting stadium. Now, ridesharing services can also line up in designated areas to pick up riders who request rides via an app.

Ridesharing services are in extremely high demand. As the 2014 NFL season quickly approaches, so does the demand for ridesharing services to deposit fans at sports venues. 

Traditionally, taxis always had designated areas for pick-ups and drop-offs. Nonetheless, ridesharing services are being recognized at this new Levi's Stadium. It shows that innovation is taking on tradition, offering the riding community transportation alternatives to alleviate traffic in this highly congested region.

Keep in mind that ridesharing drivers can only drive riders who connect with them via a ride app. Unlike taxis, ridesharing services operate under TNC rules and guidelines (Transportation Network Companies). 

Take UberX, Lyft and/or SideCar to watch the San Francisco 49ers begin their 2014 season and attempt another bid to win their 6th NFL title. Go 49ers!

Source: Mentioned on ABC 7 News.

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