Monday, July 07, 2014

Lyft Trade Dress

Lyft Trade Dress: Pink Mustache
What is Lyft trade dress? Lyft trade dress is a Pink Mustache. This Pink Mustache identifies the ride company a driver is representing. This trade dress helps law enforcement determine who a driver is driving under such as UberX, Lyft or SideCar.

Trade dress gives a driver permission to transport passengers It functions like a taxi license and/or a TCP. If trade dress is not worn, this may indicate that a driver is operating illegally under the ridesharing laws.

Wearing the Pink Mustache ensures a driver is following proper protocol under ridesharing laws established under the TNC (Transportation Network Company). The Public Utilities Commission will be issuing fines of $1000 for drivers failing to wear trade dress.

The following is a trade dress law established by CPUC:

"TNC vehicles must display consistent trade dress (i.e. distinctive signage or display on the vehicle( when providing TNC services that is sufficiently large color-contrasted as to be readable during daylight hours at a distance of 50 feet. The trade dress must be sufficient to allow a passenger, government official, or member of the public to associate a vehicle with a particular TNC (or licensed transportation provider). Acceptable forms of trade dress include, but are not limited to, symbols or signs on vehicle doors, roofs, or grills. Magnetic or removable trade dress is acceptable."