Thursday, July 17, 2014

Lyft overall rating in the top search engine is 4.7

Lyft is unable to score a rating above their minimum threshold of 4.80. In Google, 131 people rated Lyft a 4.70. This is ironic that Lyft can't score greater than 4.80. On their ridesharing platform, they deactivate drivers who dip below 4.80 and remain at this rating with two Community Review Flags going against their account.

Passengers who have taken Lyft rated the ridesharing company 4.70. This means that Lyft places high standards on their drivers to perform perfectly. It doesn't take much for a great driver to get deactivated.

In our honest opinion and based on drivers contacting us regarding deactivations, Lyft deceives the public to suggest they work with their drivers. If Lyft adopted a fair system, good drivers who actually care about their ridesharing company would still be driving for them.

Lyft's Twitter response when challenged on their deactivation of drivers:

Hi there - all drivers are rated on the same system. Our performance team works closely with the community to help drivers.