Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Low driver rating on Lyft and getting rides

Low rated Lyft drivers are viewed as high risk. If passengers see a low driver rating, they immediately assume their upcoming ride will be rather interesting in a negative way. What did this driver do to get low ratings?

It's plausible to think that riders view a 4.6 or 4.7 driver as one they want to cancel. However, a 4.9 driver is expected to be the cream of the crop. For the most part, the star rating system is inaccurate.

High rated passengers and drivers are given high ratings just because. Then, low rated drivers and riders are actually great people receiving low star ratings. As a result of this rating system, drivers are reluctant to submit low ratings on 4.90 and 5.0 riders. Passengers are given additional time to rate, whereas drivers must rate before accepting the next ride request.

Passengers are more comfortable submitting a low star rating to lower starred drivers. Ride requests and ratings have no real impact on the number of rides a driver gives per shift. Nonetheless, a ride is assigned to the closest driver rather than being filtered for star ratings.

A passenger may cancel a low rated driver after a ride acceptance. If and when a passenger cancels, this will occur within a minute or two. Passengers know that waiting greater than 5 minutes to cancel a ride will cost them $5.

The rating system doesn't have much of an impact on rides given. You won't get more or less rides based on high or low ratings. Nevertheless, the rating system will make drivers and/or the passengers more aware during a particular trip. If you have a low rating as a driver or as a passenger, expect a lower rating if something goes wrong.

Happy Ridesharing!