Monday, July 28, 2014

How to respond to lost items left in Uber and UberX vehicles?

Ridesharing drivers may drive clients who left personal items inside their vehicles. If a phone is left behind, this creates challenges for both ridesharing companies and clients on weekends. Clients likely need their smartphones to request rides and to communicate with family, friends, and co-workers. How do you respond to lost items left behind in vehicles after a trip is completed and closed out?

Many clients depend on smartphones as their main source of communication. They use these smartphones to perform a wide range of tasks. If and when personal items such as phones, wallets, purses, IDs, and other items are left inside vehicles, Partners must contact Uber support right away to report this incident with the trip ID #, name of client (if they remember this), date and time of trip, and type of item.

The best way to find lost items is to check the backseat right after reaching a rider destination. Furthermore, ask the client if they have all their personal belongings with them. Leaving behind personal items can be prevented, but busy weekends may speed up the ride process and this can cause both drivers and clients to move faster.

This is when lost items can be left, such as phones hooked up to power cords and/or a bag left on the floor board. It is imperative to inspect the backseat for these items. There are times a driver may take off and forget to give their clients their luggage at the airport. Remind yourself to be thorough throughout to minimize problems.

Another alternative for drivers is to make a trip down to Uber headquarters located at 301 Vermont St. in San Francisco, California to turn in lost personal items. Include the name of client, time and date of trip, item description, trip ID #, and your name.

Clients will respect ride app companies and drivers for being honest in returning their personal belongings. This shows the uttermost respect for clients, which travels a long way in building trust and showing integrity. Why choose Uber? Because Uber drivers go above and beyond to make clients feel special. In a competitive transportation industry with many alternatives, clients hold the power of influence and represent the foundation to ride app growth.

It is important to report lost personal belongings as soon as possible. Uber drivers should do their best to arrange pickups and/or drop-off client possessions to avoid losing these items. Partners are responsible for these personal items until they are handle delivered to clients and/or dropped off at Uber headquarters.

Drivers and clients are connected via text and phone, even after a trip has ended and until the driver accepts another ride to break this connection. Clients have less than 20 minutes to call their drivers, which should be right away. If clients realize they left something in an Uber such as a purse, glasses, a bag and/or something other than a phone, call the driver using the default Uber number used to contact drivers at the beginning of each trip.

Clients can also contact Uber support, including description of this personal item, name of driver, time and date of trip, and share any other details that can help Uber track down the appropriate driver and notify them about lost this personal item. By this time, an Uber should be aware of this lost personal item. Drivers should make it a habit to check the backseat for any personal items. If drivers find personal items, safeguard them until the client can be contacted and/or Uber support is notified.

According to Uber on their support page, these are the steps that clients must follow if a lost item was misplaced in an Uber ride:
  1. In most countries, the bottom, right-hand corner of your ride receipt will contain the link "Lost something on this ride? Retrieve it. "Click that link and you'll be provided with a phone number to get in touch with your driver. 
  2. Don't have the receipt? Head to to see the contact info for all of your trips within the last three days. 
  3. Still not able to get in touch with your driver? You can always contact Uber support at

***We are an independent website that has no affiliation with ridesharing companies. We only provide information to inform people on steps to take in locating lost items. However, ridesharing drivers are supposed to check their vehicles for lost items right way. If they locate a lost item, they must call the last client (last rider they dropped off). Drivers and clients are connected via voice phone and via text messaging up until driver receives another ride request. Essentially, safekeeping the lost items is extremely important. For the most part, drivers are required to contact their ridesharing company to report lost items. Usually, the ride app support team will respond back with steps. They ask drivers to give them permission to give their phone number to these clients.***

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